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On Dec 12, 2009, at 10:03 AM, Bob Gillis wrote:

On Dec 12, 2009, at 10:03 AM, Bob Gillis wrote:

Hi Mike

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Bob Gillis


I am considering the 25 ft cover top for my koi pond. I have a few questions:

– Can the dome cover top hold up under most snows? ( I realize the domes cant but wasn’t sure about the cover top models?)

no; you would need to melt or otherwise remove snow as it builds up.

– i see the warranty but how many years can the cover top model realistically last if i have it up for 5 months a year only in winter?

my guess would be 6 – 12 years. It is the sun that will eventually wear out the cover; but it will not hold snow; if it collapses in your pond from snow build up; it would be a major hassle but most likely the damage to the dome would amount mostly to the inexpensive PVC pipes and a few panels; panel repair and or replacement is detailed in the online manual and though doable it is best to be avoided by keeping the snow off the cover

– its hard to tell from the pictures but when it comes time to replace the cover is the whole cover replaced or is that what the panel replacement parts are for – replace one panel at a time?

panels can be replaced individually; say if it was damaged; but if your cover is worn out it is best to replace the whole thing

– the website says poles can be made stronger and says to use the link but the link just takes me back to the same page. Is this section referring to adding guy lines? would guy lines help the cover tops hold up under heavy snow?

please refer me to the broken link so I can fix it; the online manual shows some ways to strength the poles but this will not solve the snow loading problem; installing a heater under the cover to turn on when it is snowing may be a way; guy lines will not help; snow can be Very heavy.

-Had one more question in addition to the below. I didn’t see a liner made for the cover top models but would a liner help with frame hold up under snow?

No, it would not help.


Mike Keps