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On Dec 1, 2008

On Dec 1, 2008

Dear Bob,

Thank you very much for your kind response. Could you please let us know

-durability of the yurtdomes due to the long term base that we are intending to build? We aim to a min. of 5 years durability.
-for that lenght, do you think the standard White Shelter covering is resistant enough? what about resistant to heavy rains?
-we will be needing yurtdomes with mosquito nets and ventilation, since 4 people will be sleeping in one 20’ (do you think there is space enough for 4pax?). Are there any chances to include the mosquito nets and ventilation?

We will be pleased to listen to your comments in order to choose the more convenient yurtdome to our base (resistance, permeability, ventilation, insects protection).

Many thanks. Kind regards, Max & Laura


It is the sun that degrades the YurtDome’s covering. Our Coverings have been tested in FL and AZ intense sun were it has lasted 3+ years. We guarantee it for 1.5 years since elevation also effects the aging of the covering. In Costa Rica my guess is you would have them in the shade (?) This should help increase the covering life. Water or dampness will not degrade the YurtDome’s covering. It will not rot or mildew.

The dome is made without sewing so there is no needle holes to leak. The domes’ covering is shingled with an overlap of 5″. We offer net doors and sticky velcro to secure them: You might also want to consider sunshades on this page if your yurtdomes are to be in full sun.

My guess is 4 could sleep in the 20′. Look at: Mark a circle on the ground and put your beds etc. in the circle to see what you think. The interior is dividable; see:

Shelter System’s Yurt Domes can be easily divided into rooms with fabric you provide or some of the same woven ripstop material that Shelter Systems’ makes it Yurt Domes out of.Divide

First, get enough fabric. If you plan to divide your dome in half get or sew a 6′ wide piece with a length equal to the diameter of your Yurt Dome. If you plan to divide your dome in quarters then get two pieces this size. Purchase 7 Grip Clips to attach your fabric if you are dividing your dome in half. Purchase 14 Grip Clips to attach your fabric if you are dividing your dome in quarters.

Fold the divider in half length wise and make a small mark at the fold on the edge. If you are dividing your dome in quarters lay out both dividers on on top of each fold in half and make a small mark the top and bottom edge at the fold. Open out the divider(s). If dividing your dome in half attach one clip at the edge mark “E. If dividing in quarters then attach a clip at “E” and “F” clipping the two dividers together at the center fold.

Next attach a clip point to point “A” on the divider and tie it to the dome’s ground clip which is equal distance between two adjacent Divide2doors. Stretch divider across dome and attach a clip at the other point “A” on the divider so that when the divider is tensioned and tied to the dome’s ground clip it will stretch tight across the floor of the dome. Have two people hold up and tension the divider so points “B” can be marked, clipped and tied. Run a cord up clip “E” and tie it to the top of the dome to support the middle of the divider. Have two people hold up and tension the divider so points “C” can be marked, clipped and tied to the dome at points “D”. Move the clips on the divider if needed so that the divider is tensioned evenly.

If you are dividing your dome into quarters the first tension and tie your four way divider so as to divide the dome in half then pull out and tension and tie the quarter sections.

Note that once installed each divided space has two doors. If the divider is set up as above each 1/4 side will have 1doors.

You can make the divider in half sections that are clipped in the middle with two tie clips down the joined edge. There is two advantages to this configuration. One is that it saves some fabric since we can cut two halves so that one is flipped and nestled next to the other. The other advantage is that the tied closed seam could act as a door to get from one half to the other.


Bob Gillis