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Date: September 24, 2007

Date: September 24, 2007


I purchased an 18′ extra strong yurt dome in the spring of this year and during a big wind storm the fabric ripped at the bottom where it was anchored. I was wondering if this is under warranty and if there is a way to either repair or replace the panel. It looks like everything else survived just fine.

Let me know what I should do to keep this in good operating condition.



This type of damage is not covered by the warranty, however there are several ways you can repair the damage. One, is to replace the panel: $65 (includes 4 HD GC) Two, is to add a clip to each side of the tare at the domes base and tie the two clips together. Three, is to remove the clip from the damaged base and bypass the tare by overlapping the good part of the panels and then clipping them together.


Bob Gillis