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Date: November 1, 2008

Date: November 1, 2008

Subject: Hi Eleanor and Bob

Hey there,
A little report for you and some questions.
We have now done a couple of festivals with the domes now and have had a great timeso far. There have been a couple of issues that I would like to sort out before next season.
We had quite a strong wind one day and some of the pannels of the 30foot have started to tear around the clips especially around the bottom ring.
Can we order some extra fabric?

……..Yes: If you plan to patch it you can sew on a patch over the damaged area (use scrap from your wrapper- or we can send you scrap at the cost of shipping). Alternatively the whole panel can be replaced. Glue or tape is not strong enough.

We also need some spare tubing for all 3 sizes as some are a little too bent and a couple have snapped…

You can buy class 200 PVC at many irrigation supply companies or cut to length poles from us:

We never recieved any spare poles for the 2 smaller ones (or any spare material either?)

………The 14 18 and 20′ domes come with 4 “door” poles that mostly only one is used, the other 3 can be used as spares. You can use the material the dome was wrapped in to make patches. We can also send you scrap material for the cost of shipping (talk to the order desk)

I realised that the poles come from Italy and get shipped to you and then back to us. Thats too much shipping really and since we are closer to the source, … can we order that directly?

……..I was not aware that our poles were made in Italy. Surely if you have class 200 or 125 get your poles locally. See above

Are there stronger versions of the poles that stand up better to the wind? It is a bit of a problem when its windy, a little scary when you have 100 people on the dancefloor and a lighting and sound instalation that is not so easy to move….

We do not recommend the domes be used in extreme wind. You can strengthen the poles some what: see : But in strong wind other parts of you dome can be over stressed.

On a tecnical level,
We wanted to know how best to remove the material strips across the doors as they are a problem for drunk people …. as you may know.

……..You can unclip on of the clips that holds the strip and reattach the clip to the dome. You should however when staking out your dome use the strip to measure the span of the door opening at the base.

How do you set up the entrance thing? We couldnt work it out.

……..I think you are talking about the “open arch”? see: Setting up you dome with the open arch does weaken the dome however and present a catchment to the wind.

Open Arch Form of your Yurt Dome
If your dome is still hot, a large cooling opening can be created by removing the poles under one of the pole arches on the side of your yurt dome and then tying up the canopy to the arch. You will first need to undo one Grip Clip from the strip at the base of two adjacent doors, then apply the Grip Clips back on to the dome. Run the strings from the inside of the dome, where there are holes on the inside of the clips, to the outside clip strings. This should drastically increase ventilation, but it will also weaken the dome in the wind. This opens your interior space to the outdoors, greatly helping to keep your dome cool. It also makes a wonderful display space for public events.)Ventrool20

To open the arch on the Bubble Dome: The Bubble Dome has only one door there for you will need to remove two clips to simulate another door along the arch away from the existing door and then reattach them with their connectors to the dome’s side (this is so that the arch pole can be reinserted). Now the covering under the arch is free to be rolled and tied up.

To set the 31 up in the open arch form. Put the dome up and stake it out. Un-stake the stakes between two adjacent doors. Remove the poles under the arched pole that connects the two doors. Un clip the “door strip” at the base of these two doors by removing a clip to the side of each door. Replace the clip so it will not get lost. Attach 2 to 3′ long cords to the inside of each of ghe clips along the arch. Have several people help you to roll up tight and hold the dome’s covering under the arch. Using the long cords tie the rolled up covering to the out side clips along the arch.