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Date: February 27, 2006

Date: February 27, 2006

Subject: Yurt Dome Question

What’s the best way to anchor a 20′ dome when you only have asphalt to set-up on?

Genevieve P. Pastor-Cohen, MS, CEM
SEO Program Manager
Security & Emergency Operations Group
Environment Health & Safety
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

If you can drive steel stakes into the asphalt then use the instructions in the manual ( ) for staking using “foundation stakes” . If you are not allowed to drive stakes into the asphalt then use large water containers ( 55 gal plastic drums) as anchors at each of the domes lower anchor clips (12 drums on the 14′, 18′ and 20′ and 20 drums on the 30′ Attach 3′ by 3 ‘ sections of tarps to the bottom Grip Clips of the dome with a heavy duty Grip Clip ( when attaching this Heavy Duty Clip – layer in 3 additional 10″ by 10″ patch layers of tarp – this added thickness should assure that the Grip Clip you are attaching does not slip on the tarp sections). Check to see that the clip does not slip. Set the empty drums over these attached tarps and then fill the drums with water. Test to see that you can not pull the tarp out from under the drums. Tie these clips securely to the domes anchor clips. The dome may be held down with a sufficient number of sand bags tied to the domes anchor clips and weighting down the domes skirt but this will require a very large number of bags. Do NOT underestimate the strength of the wind. If you can move the anchor clips they are NOT secure and your dome could blow away or cause extreme damage.


Robert Gillis