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Just bought a 10 foot extra strong dome for personal sleeping quarters at BM. I’ve already got an 18′ dome that works well as communal shelter, but I’m tired of having my cheap sleeping tent blown to pieces.


Hi Cristina

The GroDome cover is not FR. Our Shelters Domes are FR however and we make the same size dome. The dome will handle some wind but not extreme wind. See our wind warnings:

I like your photos and hope it works out for you


Bob Gillis

On Oct 29, 2009

I meant to email this to you as well.


Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 4:23 PM

Subject: questions about GroDome

Hi Eleanor,

My name is Cristina Lei Rodriguez. I bought GroDome18 this summer for an art project I made for Athens, Greece.

I am trying to re-install this project in Miami Beach for December and since it is going to be a public project the City of Miami Beach is asking me some questions.

Is the dome cover fire resistant?

Will it support heavy winds?

Do you have a diagram of how it can be anchored to the ground that I can send the City of Miami engineer? I know it came with stakes but I need to send them a drawing to get it approved.

I may have left the stakes in Athens- in which case can I buy more from you if need be?

The engineer is saying that the structure looks very homemade. I know, after seeing it in person, that it is quite sturdy. Do you have any supporting information that I can send him to help with the approval process?

I attached images for you to see my installation. I have pictures of the sculptures inside as well but not on this computer. Will send them to you soon for you to see. I was very happy with the way the GroDome worked.

Thanks for your help,