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A cover over the lower pond

On Nov 6, 2008

Bob, Are the covers strong enough to ‘bridge’ across a waterfall area? We have an upper and a lower pond with a waterfall at one end of the upper pond and a tapered ‘rapids’ at the other end, both emptying into the same lower pond. A cover over the lower pond would have no support for a space of about 7 t 8 feet where it passes in front of the two falls. We only have fish in the lower pond which is what we would like to cover. We live in southern Minnesota (Hastings) and keeping the ice open all winter for gas escape is our concern. We do NOT run the waterfalls in the winter, but we have been running a smaller pump with the flow piped out of the skimmer inlet box right at the surface of the water to keep it agitated enough to postpone freezing over. We also keep a floating tank heater opposite the skimmer to allow ‘flushing’ of gasses from under the ice. I think that a 25 foot cover would give me enough coverage to be able to have a heater under the cover at one side of the pond.

Your thoughts please.

Another question. Is a 25 foot cover just a 30 or 31 foot dome without the bottom course of the wall? From the pictures on the website it looks that way.

Thanks in advance,