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Hi, we’re interested in two separate shelters–one thirty foot and one twenty foot. Our questions: how comfortable would they be without liners in 20 degree weather (we’re in Mendocino at 2,200 feet)?

Liners are nice and worth the price but you can keep warm with out them.

Is there a humidity difference? (one is by a creek and one is higher, on a dryer meadow).


How does the liner work with windows and doors

The liners have the same windows and doors as your dome.

(esp. if you use insulation between)?

You would not add insolation were there are windows.

If we used a wood stove, how much gain in temperature would the liner give us?

I do not know what the exact degree of gain would be but I would guess at 1/3 to 1/2 increase.

How much light does the liner cut out?

The liners cut the light in about half. There is still a lot of light

Can you get a porch for the 30 ft?

Yes, it is the same porch.

I assume you can for the 20 foot.


Since we’re right here, can we pick up them up at your factory and save shipping and handling?

No; having people come to pick up slows production to much; but if you are very close by we can ship for 1/2 price.

Also, can we see one set up? (I gather you don’t have a showroom, but I’m wondering if in fact you do have one set up.)


How long does it take after one orders to receive it?

We have 20s and 30s in stock.Say about 4 to 5 days.