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“Burning Man Festival”

“Burning Man Festival”

I am interested in purchasing a large yurt dome for the 2001 Burning Man Festival. I was wondering if you had any occurrences of domes falling down due to the wind of the 2000 BM. I remember seeing a few of your domes, and as I remember, they fared very well in the 60+ mph wind that we experienced.

I did not hear of any of our domes failing at Burning Man last year. We were there for the wind and we plan on adding to our site a whole section on dealing with wind at burning man in a month or two. So stay tuned.

Also, I was wondering if you have a catalog that you can send to me. I was hoping to show it to other members of our group that are going so I can get some money out of them as well.

Our current catalog is compleatly web based at this point. I will send you an old catalog; note that it does not have all our products and you will have to rely on the web for current pricing.

We bought a $400 tent last year and staked it down with rebar, and had some of the poles break, as well as some of the anchor rings. As you can imagine, it was quite disappointing. We also had our shade structure go down on Thursday of the event, which was not quite a surprise, but the wind actually bent 2 of the metal poles that came with the shade.