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Burning Man

Burning Man

Hi there,

I’m gearing up to purchase one of your 18′ domes +
flooring for Burning Man and other uses this summer.
Here are a few questions I have:

1a) I’m thinking it would be a good idea to use the
black & white material on 1/2 the dome, white on the
other half. Then I’d use additional b&w material,
split down the center and hanging down from the top,
as a way to shade 1/2 of the dome when I want to sleep
or rest during the day.

I’d end up with two large pieces of material that
could be bound to the sides of the dome by several
cords or cloth ropes of some sort when I wanted full
use of the dome, but then dropped down and loosely
tied together when I wanted privacy and shade.

Do you think this could work?


If so, how much material
and other accessories do you recommend for this

The material is 6′ wide. You would have to come up with how much you need. You could buy the dome and then take measurements. Grip Clips may come in handy.

1b) Also: could you provide this material to me custom
fit for the dome? i.e. two large 1/4 oval pieces that
hang from the center down, so as to be split in the
middle, black facing one 1/2 of the dome and white the
other? If so, what would be your price for this?

You would have to sew or Grip Clip your self. See:

1c) Would this also be a method to help keep the dome
cooler? Though I like the idea of tarp coverings, I’m
concerned they’d blow away in severe winds. This 1/2
and 1/2 idea seems like it might make a good
alternative. Your thoughts?

I think…Since the white and black shade cloth we offer absorbs some of the suns heat it is best is to keep the shad cloth above the poles of the dome; this way air can flow under the shade and remove the heat the shad will absorb. You can take it down in strong wind to keep it from flapping.

On the other side your idea sounds interesting and therefor you should try it and let us all know if it works

2) Given I’m going to Burning Man and the possibility
of severe wind storms and damage to the dome…

How much extra PVC and other materials would be useful
to bring along as a safety precaution, in order to
repair the possible damage from a wind storm? I’d like
to hope this would happen no more than a single time
during the week, if at all. But I’d like to be
prepared. Your recommendations?

The domes did well last year but you should make no assumptions. Read all we have on wind and take every care.

I would take a lot of Grip Clips and 5 or more yards of covering and perhaps 5 poles, although the poles are easy to repair with 10″ sections of wooden dowels inside, also. If these are materials are not needed for repair they could be used to make porches, other shelter, for trade, shade or art.

Have fun; be safe