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On Aug 25, 2007

On Aug 25, 2007

Hello Bob,
I am wondering if you have anyone living in a dome in FL, and how that has worked out.

How well ventilated are the domes?  Can they be air-conditioned?  I’d like something that could have the door flaps secured back and screen attached in its place to approximate a large screen room.  Are the domes mildew and mold-proof?  That can be a big issue here.


Hi Lyn

Our dome have 4 doors. You can order 4 net door for them: We would also recommend you get one of our large Sun Screens. Even with four net doors it is not a large screen room.

They can be air conditioned. They will not mildew or mold but dirt on them can. We have sold domes to customers in FL. As far as I know the domes have worked well for them.

Bob Gillis

On Aug 21, 2007

What approximate weight can we hang from the connectors inside?


Approximately 8 lb. for the 18′ and 20′ and 15 lb. for the 30′ can hang inside your dome clips.

Bob Gillis