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On Aug 14, 2004

On Aug 14, 2004,

We are planning a wedding reception and would like to know how many guests 
can be seated for dinner in your 20′ and 30′ wedding tent domes.

It is best for you to determine this yourself since you will know how you will want your guests to sit. On clear section of ground or pavement with a cord 15′ long have a friend hold one end of the cord to the ground while you walk a circle around, keeping the cord taut, mark a circle with chalk or small stones. This will mark a 30′ circle. With a few chairs, you plan to use, mark their outline in your circle. For the 20′ use a cord that is 10′ long.


I have been using your Heavy Duty and General Grip Clip Tarp Fasteners to join and connect tarps together to cover a 30′ dome frame I make and to connect four tunnel structures to the dome. I plan on taking it to burning man. The Grip Clips work great and have held the tarps together and to the frame of the dome during two big wind storms we have had here. I recently cut my thumb and can still clip multiple layers together with only one and half hands. They are a tremendous product.