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On Apr 4, 2007

On Apr 4, 2007

Thanks for the photo, Bob.

I’m leaning towards purchasing a StarBubble dome to use as the BURNcast recording pod at Burning Man this year.

But I’m confused.  Your site really welcomes burner customers and shows a lot of great photos of your domes in use on the playa, And your reviews from satisfied customers are glowing!

But then this link (  ) has this disclaimer: Shelter Systems’ Domes are stronger for their weight and cost than any other structure. Still they are light weight portable structures and as such are not designed to hold unusually strong wind, year round wind or much snow.

Can you please advise me on this?  I’ve cc’d my co-producer on this e-mail to help us determine the best dome for our purpose.




It is true that we have a great many happy Burners using our domes at Burning Man. It is also true that a tent even a very strong tent can get blown down in unusually strong wind.

Winds on the playa can be very strong. For the most part ether we have been lucky in the many years we have been at Burning Man or the “bad” winds have yet to come just at the time that Burning Man is happing. In any event, we want perspective customers to realize that the domes we make are strong and shed the wind well and have worked on the playa in the past but they are not invincible and could be blown down in a very strong wind.

I am curious why you are considering a StarBubble. If you have chosen the StarBubble because it is made with the White and Black covering thinking it will keep you cool you should know that it will not have that effect. The standard domes with one or more sunshades keep the interior cooler then our white and black covered Stardomes The black tends to re-radiate heat into the dome during the day. The standard domes also do better in the wind then the bubble domes. The reason for this is that the BubbleDomes stick up more in the wind and have a smaller base.

Bob Gillis


On Apr 4, 2007

Actually Bob, my first choice is the 10’ BubbleDome .  I just like the profile and footprint and in my imagination.  I also like that folks can stand up completely while inside and are not required to bend down when entering door.

I picture the 10′ BubbleDome or the 10′ StarBubble as the perfect recording booth for my podcasts. At Burning Man related events I will be setting up the dome at street fairs, warehouses, parking lots, parks, lawns and conferences halls. But I have to keep in mind, the weather conditions on the playa as well.

I’m looking for a small/medium size place for folks to come in for a brief visit to record for the show and then leave. If it’s any bigger than that, I’m afraid they’ll want to settle and party. And I wish to discourage that.

Then, the second reason for the StarBubble instead of the Bubble Dome is because, you’re right,  I thought the covering would be better for the reasons you specified.  I see that I am mistaken.

On my website ( , I have the 20’ Bubble Dome on my “Wish List” and the image is hyperlinked directly to your website, so in a way I am endorsing your product without having really used it yet.  Though I really only want the 10’ BubbleDome, I’ve come to realize if you are asking your listeners to donate to your cause that you need to set your sights a little higher to give us something to shoot for.

If I understand you correctly, you would recommend a standard dome for the sound studio on the playa?


The BD 10 is one of my favorites also. I was thinking you were interested in on of the bigger BDs. Of all the Bubble Domes the 10 is the strongest. We have sold these for BM. The reasoning is that it has many poles and thus is well supported. Also it has a small wind profile so it should function better in a stiff wind. If you do get one I would get one with a sunshade rather than the black and white covering. Also ask for a “lower back door” for cross ventilation (this is an extra $30 but you can also do it yourself if you let me know I will tell you how) (Make a note in your order that production contact me about this if you want us to do it for you).


Bob Gillis