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applications in the tropics.

Dear Friends,
I am very intrigued with your shelters and the potential they offer for applications in the tropics.
A couple of silly questions.

a. Can the yurt be used with some type of shade cloth (either on the sides for raising poultry or on the top for raising tomatoes)?

You could replace some the sides with shade cloth. The problem with replacing all sides is that shade cloth tends to be strechy and this will reduce the stiffness of the dome and its ability to hold wind. The top of the dome is best “covered” with shade cloth not replaced. see:

b. What type of temperatures are generated in the regular yurt when it is in hot sun?

With doors open and an 80% shade cloth on the sides it approaches the out side temperature.

c. Could you use the regular yurt to grow plants? It suggests that a lot of the light goes through the normal covering?

Not plants that require full sun.

Here are several issues that need to be addressed in a tropical, low tech setting.
a. A moveable poultry facility that is large enough to make eonomic value but easy enough to move – prevent disease build up, spread manure, etc. It could be moved on a batch basis or a weekly basis in some situations.
b. A grow facility for vegetable crops that prevents pests from attacking the plants, protects from heavy rains and, while allowing sunlight, protects from undue heating and scorching.

You will likely have many more ideas and suggestions when answering this. Thank you so much for your help.