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Shelter Systems’ ShelterPorch Plans will enable you to create porches and awnings from Shelter Systems Grip Clips and Coverings or tarp materials you can buy from your building supply company.

A porch can be used to create a dry shelter or shaded work or sitting space. It can also be used to keep your house cooler in the summer if made of an opaque tape to block the sun, save you up to 30 percent on air conditioning costs, and protect furnishings and draperies from fading. ShelterPorches are easy to attach to walls with eye screws. The size of the porch is adjusted to your windows by cutting the covering material before attaching the Grip Clips.

ShelterPorch™ Parts needed covering, Grip Clips, Cords, poles (here we use a mixture of bamboo and wood dowels, eye screws.

Porch Awning Attach Wall
Porch Awning Lower Wall Attachment
Porch Awning

First attach Grip Clips to the corners of shade covering so that the ring part of the clip is on the white side of the shade and so the clips are spaced right for your window and the PCV pole to tension the shade.


Note that in this large porch we use 3 poles attached to the two corner Grip Clips. The “thrust” poles which extend from the clips and are horizontally attached to the wall are not shown in the drawings but are shown in the photos.

Next attach the ends of two poles to each of two of the clips with the cord provided. One of the poles must span the two clips corner Grip Clips the other two poles will extend out from the clips.

Then attach hold fasts to your window frame above your window to tie your shade and below your window to tie the lower poles.

Porch Awning Corner Attachment
Porch Awning Corner Clip
Porch Awning Mid Support

Note: We suggest “eye” screws which work for most wood as holdfasts, you may need to buy other types of hold fasts from your hardware store to attach your porch to you window frame or house; you should make sure that what ever means you use that it will not damage your house and will remain secure even in strong wind.

We recommend that you take your porch down for the winter to avoid snow damage.