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Systems WindWall wind barriers are 5′-high sections of tent structures that block and stop the wind. The “Arch” WindWall™ wind barriers and “Open Circle” WindWall™ wind barriers are vertical sections of Shelter Systems’ GroRows and Crystal Caves. The “Arch” is a partial circle, and the ends of the “Open Circle” are close together.

The “Circle” and “Half Circle” WindWall™ wind barriers are the horizontal lower wall sections of our domes and they lean inward a bit. The “Circle” is an entire horizontal slice. The “Half Circle” is half of a horizontal slice–like cutting a pie in halves. All four wind wall barriers are available in different lengths and/or sections of circles. They are arched and freestanding. You can put them up in about 15 minutes. Stakes are provided for securing them to the ground. See set up Instructions.

Arch WindWall

High Length
Arch WindWall 5′ 6′
Arch WindWall 5′ 9′
Arch WindWall 5′ 17′

Half Circle WindWall

High Diameter
Half Circle WindWall 5′ 30′
Half Circle WindWall 5′ 20′
Half Circle WindWall 5′ 18′
Half Circle WindWall 4.5′ 14′

Open Circle WindWall

High Diameter
Open Circle WindWall 5′ 9′
Open Circle WindWall 5′ 11′

Circle WindWall

High Diameter
Circle WindWall 5′ 10′
Circle WindWall 5′ 20′
Circle WindWall 5′ 18′
Circle WindWall 4.5′ 14′
Circle WindWall 4′ 10′



Be sure to let us know whether you want your WindWall to be made of the White Yurt Dome covering, the Translucent Greenhouse covering, or the White/Black sun block covering. All WindWalls are by special order only.