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Appears simple but is actually an advanced tensegrity structure with some remarkable qualities.

It is a descendent of Shelter Systems’ Folding Tensegrity Structures ( )

The First Shelter has a number of advantages:

  • Very simple.
  • Quick and very easy to manufacture.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Very strong.
  • Good in snow and strong wind.
  • Needs no guy lines (guy lines take up space and get in the way).
  • Can use bamboo (bamboo is used in this model), branches, or 2″x 2″ for poles.
  • Poles could be purchased or obtained at site (no need to ship poles with shelter).
  • All poles are the same length.
  • Can be folded and rolled into a tight cylindrical package with poles attached.
  • If stored with poles attached the First Shelter can be set up in under one minute.
  • Diamond4Can be make from any tarp 24′ by 24′ or 12′ wide roll goods.
  • Four doors for excellent ventilation (door flaps rolled up in this model).
  • Doors are vertical so leakage is not a problem with doors open in rain.
  • Door covers are integral with the covering (simplifying manufacturing).
  • Door covers have one vertical overlapped seam that can not leak.
  • If nets are needed sticky Velcro is used to install and close.
  • Vertical doors allow for two or more First Shelters to be easily joined (door covers serve to seal joint.
  • Square foot print allows a squire tarp to work for a floor.
  • Floor can be cut from 12’ wide roll goods.
  • There are no internal poles to take up space inside or get in the way.
  • Only four stakes are needed.
  • Stress is spread through out the covering evenly.
  • All parts of the covering are drum tight.
  • The covering is of a woven plastic material that is fire retarded and UV resistant and has excellent strength to weight to cost properties.
    Nine Grip Clips join the tarp into a shelter (cost and manufacturing time and cost advantage)
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