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1) For fast credit card orders, call 866-777-1066 or Order online with our Secure Order Form!

2) Or you can fill out the form below. Print it and fax it (call to get our fax #).

3) Or you can use the form below. Print it and mail it to us with a check, money order, or your credit card # to: Shelter Systems, 100 Katherine Lane, Santa Cruz, CA 95065


Add shipping for each dome to help cover postage, packing and insurance. For Alaska or Hawaii the shipping cost is four times the amount shown for each dome. We ship via United Parcel Service. If possible, please give a street address.


Our guarantee is simple. YOU MUST BE SATISFIED! Everything in this catalog is offered for 30 days’ free trial. If for any reason you’re not completely pleased with your purchase, return it in original condition within 30 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange as you wish. All items in this catalog have a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for one and one half years. Should any product prove defective we will repair or replace it at no cost to you. Special Orders are not returnable; since we do not offer them in our catalog, we would have trouble reselling them.


Your dome is a lightweight, portable structure and should not be relied on as your sole shelter in extreme weather. Your dome could be destroyed in extreme weather and your life or safety could be at risk.

In heavy snow your dome could collapse which could damage what you have in it or compromise your shelter. Do not rely on your dome as your only shelter where it snows.

Your dome will blow away if it is not anchored properly. Study the anchoring instructions carefully and apply all appropriate means to secure your dome to the earth. Rain will soften the ground and greatly reduce the holding power of the stakes. We provide good general purpose stakes, but they cannot cover all ground conditions. Wind will at times come up unexpectedly. Be prepared!

Remember that the dome is a lightweight, portable structure. Its strength comes from tension, not mass or rigid components. Exposed sites with unusually extreme winds are not recommended. It is apparent that you can not climb on top of the dome, nor can you expect it to support heavy snow loads. Accumulated snow must be melted or shaken off periodically.


The fastest way to get your dome is to call or fax in a order with your credit card. The next fastest way to get your dome is to send in an order with a bank or postal money order. We want you to receive your purchases as soon as possible. We try to fill orders within 5 days of receipt. To speed delivery, please type or print in dark ink all necessary information on the order form.


We accept your personal check, certified check, money order, Master Card or Visa. Since it takes an average of 2 weeks for a personal check to clear your bank, money orders will result in faster service. Prices are subject to change.

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