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Yurt Dome and Tent Testimonials 2010 - 2011

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If you are considering buying a Shelter Systems' portable, waterproof living or gardening structure, we think you'll find these letters and photographs informative as well as enjoyable. They were sent to us by satisfied people who've bought and used our structures for many varying purposes.

The 30' yurt-dome makes a versatile and stand-out shelter. We have had it out in the Nevada desert in 50mph wind gusts that destroyed other shelters, but the yurt-dome remains strong. It is also a great way to draw lots of attention to whatever you are doing. Everyone is curious about the yurt-dome.

Here are those pictures of our yurtdome in action.

Thanks again.

Director, Nevada Outdoor School



outdoor school 2

outdoor school 3


Just uploaded some photos of my first pitch on Jan 1st, 2013. It's 20' YurtDome. I love it. The location is about an hour away by driving from the central Tokyo.
Excuse me for my late notice. It's a great product! I am really satisfied with it. Stable, durable, comfortable, and beautiful."

tokyo dome


Dear Eleanor,

Thanks so much for the tent which arrived and we already put it to use. See pictures below at the Marin County Civic Center (built by Frank Lloyd Wright) in San Rafael. We are using it as a "pop up" meditation hall inspired by this permanent structure in the High Andes Mountains of Argentina.


Thanks again, we may be back for more.

Best Regards, Ken Dickinson

meditation dome 1

meditation dome 2

meditation dome 3

meditation dome 4

meditation dome 5

Hunting Tent

i have had my 14” dome up at my hunting lease for over 3 consecutive years and it has held up great. I love how the shingled panels seem to prevent build up of condensation overnight, so my gear is dry in the morning.

hunting dome tent shelter

Relief Dome Tent Shelters in Nepal

"i cannot describe the excitement of everybody (even the Nepal Customs officials) when they saw the tents…. the only thing here that is close is what the Chinese brought in, and I’m unclear as to how waterproof those are.
But everybody goes crazy when they see the tent. You guys are a very big hit here in Kathmandu. Today, we started airlifting tents and some of our folks to the most remote areas around Everest where no relief agency has been. We’ll have pics of that too. So check for updates, and please use the pics any way you choose - you can credit Chabad of Nepal. The orphanages of course, were utterly heartbreaking but the kids were so excited to help set the tents up, even if was just holding a tent piece until we needed it….."

More on Nepal Relief see: facebook/Shelter-Systems


relief dome tents

relief dome tents



Hi Eleanor,

Hope this email finds you well.

The Snow Festival was a great success. Yay!

We arrived on site at about 6am with the temperature at a bracing 27 degrees fahrenheit, clear blue skies and no wind at all. Perfect! (well, except it was freezing cold) :-)
With 4 people we had the dome up in 1.5 hours and then mini-craned in the 24 x 330 pound concrete blocks onto the ripstop pads that we made from the materials that you sent over. I also used small rubber mats under & on top of the ripstop material before placing the concrete blocks on top to prevent any slippage.
It all worked really well and the simple design for setting up on asphalt in the manual was easy to follow.

Once we had set up all of the interior tables and decor that we needed we then braced ourselves for the torrents of people to come. There were an estimated 30,000 people at the festival and we must have had about 6,000 children through the dome in the 7 hours that we provided free craft workshops and face painting. The organisers of the festival were extremely impressed with our work and the unique look of the dome that fitted in well with their snow theme. The giant igloo is what they called it. :-)

I have attached some photos of the dome set up before the festival and a couple of the inside before and during the event. I have also added a couple of the ice sculptures that were carved outside the dome during the day.

Thanks again for your help in achieving our deadline and for doing everything you could to correct the error made in your warehouse with the order.



igloo dome

igloo dome

igloo dome

igloo dome

igloo dome

igloo dome

igloo dome


Testimonials  2013-Now  2012  2010-2011  2009-2010  2006-2008  2004-2006  Before 2004

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