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Yurt Dome and Tent Testimonials 2006 - 2008

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If you are considering buying a Shelter Systems' portable, waterproof living or gardening structure, we think you'll find these letters and photographs informative as well as enjoyable. They were sent to us by satisfied people who've bought and used our structures for many varying purposes.

Date: July 31, 2009 Subject: Still here

Henry DomeBob, my yurts are still here, although they took a beating in last winter’s ice storm. They have been in continuous use as my sculpture workspace since 2003. The one on the left will likely be replaced this fall. I think I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it.
















Hi Eleanor,

Bought my 18er a few years ago.

Been from Burning Man to Baja with it. Now I'm living in it up in the Redwoods here in Santa Cruz. Great space to live in!

Hoping to get the liner and small fire place in soon as it gets chilly.

Have to deal with electric heat (and a large bill!) for the time being. Feel free to use the pic. Thanks!


Hey Eleanor,

Magic Bubble here, getting ready for summer festival season!

We would like to order some material to replace some parts of our domes.
- 20 yards white material
- heavy duty grip clips: 10 with cord

And not sure if we answered your question...but yes you can use our pictures!
Made in august and september 2008. I have attached a few to this email

(or otherwise just take them of our myspace)

Kind regards,
Magic Bubble Events
The Netherlands

Attached are some photos of our application as a cover for our Koi pond. I had to get creative to remove snow/ ice from the dome. Since the center of the dome is over open water, I folded a bath towel and tied it around the end of a 8’ 2 X 2 ( it kind of acts like a soft boxing glove). With this I am able to push up and bounce each panel which causes the snow, etc. on top to slide down the side of the dome. I don’t have to worry about the wind getting under the side of the dome that is fastened to a plank spanning the front of the water falls because the snow accumulation from clearing the roof has built up several feet on top of the perimeter ice, pretty much sealing bottom of the dome.

We just finished a period of 84 consecutive hours of below zero weather, and it still hasn’t gotten above freezing, but the recirculation pump has still managed to keep a fairly large opening in the ice in the center of the pond with only a minimal amount of ice chipping around the outlet of the pump. With open water re-circulating, the inner surface of the dome builds up a layer of hoar frost. I noticed that there was what I felt was substantial sagging of the panels from the weight of this accumulation. I’ve found that running my propane torpedo heater for about an hour at 55,000 BTU caused the frost to melt back and ‘rain’ in the dome. When I did this with the outside temperature below zero, the frost re-froze into a thin sheet of ice on the inside. However, this sheet easily cracked and fell off by using the “boxing glove” bouncing method. I’ve only had to use the heater three times so far, and January is normally our coldest month.

I had ‘banked’ the outside of the dome with straw bales against possible high winds, but I took them away because the snow was building up too high on the dome before it would taper down. As you can see from the pictures, the bottom of the dome is sufficiently banked by the snow alone.

The dome went up fairly easily for my wife and I, but a third person would have made it a lot easier. We managed to get it up with breaking only one pole.

I hope that this feedback and pictures are useful to you. We had some trepidation about how well this would work, but it has been better than we had hoped for. Thanks,

Bob Sellars

December 10, 2008


Attached are some pics of our beautiful dome over the years at BM. It's been out there 4 times so far, and has made a beautiful cosy addition to our camp.

/ michael


November 24, 2008

Subject: scooter shed (Bike Shed) pictures


hi eleanor

finally, scooter pics! The fence prevented me from backing up and getting a bigger over all picture. drats




Nov 26, 2008

The dome arrived packaged beautifully and everything needed was readily available. Erecting the 30' dome was tough for us with two people, but with a third person it went very quickly. We elected to leave the large opening to use it as a party shelter for an Oktoberfest celebration.

After being staked down by the side of our lake the dome has weathered some pretty strong winds and a first snowfall. We are now closing in the open side to prepare it for winter and look forward to using it throughout next year. It provides a beautiful and welcoming space for all who see it.



Date: November 20, 2008

Hi Eleanor -


This was the first year we took our Shelter-Systems 14ft dome to Burning Man. We decided to use it for a kitchen/shade structure and it worked out great. I set it up alone in less than 30 minutes, but with another hand it would have taken about 15 minutes. In the "normal" climate of the desert it kept out wind and dust well. We didn't didn't bring a floor or take any measures to dust-proof the dome, even so, after an 8-hour dust storm with strong winds, dust intrusion was minimal. The same storm broke a fiberglass pole on our sleeping tent and had twice as much dust. Next year, we'll definitely bring a floor and additional shade, as well as Great dome!

Thank you again so much for the dome!


11-18, 2008

Hi Eleanor,

We purchased a 31'er earlier this year - we finally have gotten it
fitted out and attached are pictures of it action. It be fine for
youse to use for your website.



Before the Australian dollar collapses completely we would like to
order some more things to create a backstage area:




* GripClips Black Light Fabric 20 pack
* GripClips General Purpose 20 pack
* BubbleDome 10



Please email back a quote

Thanks Heaps!

Kind Regards,



October 9, 2008


Yes ship to that address.


Yes - you can use the image!


It was taken from a water container - looking out from walk in camping.


The dome was stellar!





I have had my 10 foot bubble dome for a year now. It is wonderful. I am using it as a pai

nting studio. Very spacious inside due to the bubble shape for headroom, elbow room, my supplies, worktable and plenty of room to paint. I built a 8'10" round floor and the dome fits nice and tight around it. I use beer cans for ventilation between the panels, they work great, and the panels snap tight when they are removed for rainy days. It made it through the winter wind and rains just fine, no leaks. On wet foggy mornings the eucalyptus trees drip, as well as normal dirt, and the ash from the recent fires. I sponge mop it with some soap and water and then rinse it off with the hose; it cleans up fine.

I took several pictures for you to see and to use on your site if you wish. I am so pleased on all levels with the dome; and it is nice to have it made locally! I rent a granny unit that came with the yard. The small foot print with lots of headroom works perfectly. It looks so cool, my landlord and neighbors love it. You might notice the small solar panel on the dome for my solar powered water fountain in the wine barrel.

I live off 26th in the Pleasure Point area. Anyway, thanks so much to all of you for creating the bubble dome, and all your domes. It looks great and suits me well.

May you all be happy, healthy and live with ease of being,


Hello Eleanor and all!

I've attached a photo of the 20 ft woodland shelter systems yurt dome.

The dome has been here for one year and we are very pleased with the
dome's durability, performance, and portability. Everyone who visits the
space is impressed, fascinated, and transformed by the experience.

We are located in the Federal Valley Watershed in the Hills of Appalachia
in southeast Ohio, USA. We have been actively moving toward our goals of
individual and community preparedness, sustainability and resiliency for
quite some time now. We are taking positive, goal oriented action as we
strive to adapt to the changes predicted for this century; pandemic flu,
increasing poverty and everything that comes with the end of an oil based
civilization and climate change.

The dome serves as a fantastic space for people to gather for counseling,
education, conversation circles, visioning, goal setting, planning and
overall collective effort. We have sought out and experimented with
various social change models in an effort to maximize our efforts.

The dome is a most excellent space for such efforts. Our dome is situated
on what was the Tipi Circle. The site had been prepared years ago with
great sensitivity and attention; walking circles, spirals, connecting with
the elemental energy and woodland beings. The tipi hosted gatherings with
a sacred fire around which we prepared meals, shared in food, story
telling and visioning exercises to deepen our connection with all life,
including other people in similar circles around the planet.

After many years, the painted tipi cover finally aged to the point where
it could no longer be repaired. It was burned with awareness in a large
outside fire circle and the lodge pole pines were moved to serve as a
trellis over the garden circle.

A yurt dome from Shelter Systems was then chosen as a replacement,
partially due to our wet climate and the potential role such domes offer
in terms of emergency response and shelter. (Some have said that our
county is classified as a "host county"; it is possible that people from
the cities and even the eastern coastlines may become refugees here;
emergency shelter is going to be needed under those circumstances.)

The Tipi Circle ground base was transformed from an oval shape to a full
circle. Special objects were placed in the central fire basin before
filling the hole and again preparing the ground.

As you can see in the picture, the dome is now a part of our woodlands.
It is also available as needed for on-the-road festivals and events. The
dome helps holds a space that helps with the contagious spread of
compassionate communication, teamwork and a sense that anything is

No one individual hold THE answer, but each one of us holds a piece of the
answer. Perhaps you can join us in this space as we embark on this
adventurous journey into the future. Together we can do anything!

Thank you Shelter Systems!

Warm Wishes,


July 17, 2008

I brought my 18 foot dome to Coachella this year. I was a little concerned it would not fit into the allotted space, but it worked out perfectly. What a great way to camp at the festival. Tons of people asked us about where we got it and how it was made. I steered them all your way. People LOVE the dome!

Thanks so much, feel free to use this picture on your site.



May 14, 2008

These have been up and in continuous use since ’03. As you can see, they have integrated with the landscape to a fair degree. It probably isn’t a good idea to let stuff grow on them, but it hasn’t been a problem. I really need a larger space, but I keep waiting for one of these things to wear out. If work gets caught up this summer, I’ll upgrade. I don’t think the sculpture I have made here would have turned out as well in any other environment.
Thanks for a great product.
-Henry Mitchell

May 12, 2008

Hi Bob and Eleanor,

As promised, I have attached the poster for the Zeroo1 events and exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Art. I have also attached a word document, of when she will be performed/installed, during the week of June 4-8.

If you want to link back to my artist website:


If you want to like to the event, that would be great too!



May 6, 2008
Hey Gang,

Back from an awesome, and tiring weekend. Our team took 4th place in the 24-hours 6 man division. The event was amazing, especially heading out with headlamps to ride my 3rd of 4 ten mile loops at 4am!

The dome was a savior during the event. On top of that, it was a major hit with the team, and with other competitors. I handed out a number of brochures and fielded numerous question. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if we got a few orders from this event. I took 4 of those large metal stakes, and they worked amazingly well. In that hard packed ground, they were like driving into wood. They were very solid

I am really thankful for being able to have this dome at the event, and everyone on the team was equally so. Here's a few photos from the website or whatever. Thanks!


May 1, 2008

we made do as it happens and pulled off a fabulous show, some of which can be seen on youtube by searching for designersblock - local milanese videos of a party that drew over 3000 visitors. we shall have lots more images on line in due course on www.verydesignersblock.com

thank you for all your help

sure enough the domes worked really well

April 27, 2008

Dear Eleanor
Sorry that it took half a year to send you some photos of the yurt dome from the Spitsbergen expedition.
As I wrote previously, it was working really well. Our small tents have been broken by strong winds but the Yurt was wind proof.

The only small problem was with the door - we have to make some improvements to open and close them easier than in original tent.
In my opinion, the yurt dome could be stronger when adding one more "skeleton" vertical line just above the ground.

Could you quote 4 pieces of the YurtDome 18' Extra Strong with delivery to Poland?
If possible we prefer with transparent widows above doors - it is important to see polar bear before it will come inside.
What are the delivery options - UPS, sea freight,....?

Best regards

March 12, 2008
Subject: Feedback: 18 foot Playa Dome


We are very pleased to say our 18 foot dome survived the dust storms of Burning Man 2007. Ours wobbled and shook, but never failed. I did reinforce with guy lines, and will be adding more lines next year just in case. We stayed relatively cool with the black shade cloth, but can’t help but wonder if the silver reflective would be better next year. We also experimented with space blankets to reflect the desert sun beams, with mild success.

I would recommend your domes to anyone in need of shelter. They are fairly easy/fast to assemble and super easy to disassemble, leaving more time for playa hijinks.

Thanks so much! Keep it up.



October 31, 2007 10:28:32 AM PDT
To: <eleanor@shelter-systems.com>
Subject: testimonial

Hi Eleanor and Bob!

I purchased the 18' dome to use at Burning Man several years ago and
each year it functioned flawlessly. This year, 2007, the Black Rock
Playa experienced some of the wildest, wickedest weather in over a
decade. I had the dome cinched all along its midsection to trucker
straps to provide shock abosorber protection against the 70 mile/hour
winds that continuously came up out of nowhere.

I remember one afternoon a windstorm came up that was so strong that
everything immediately went into a whiteout condition. You could
literally stand up outside and lean into the wind and be held like a
huge hand at a 45 degree angle. The sides of the dome bent inward but
the compression of the spars transferred the force throughout the

I sat inside the dome with some friends and people seeking shelter and
amidst the sound of the wind and dust hitting the sides of the dome it
sounded like a freight train running us over. We had a wind turbine set
up on a 30" tower right outside the dome and it was screaming. Our
annemometer showed wind speed over 70 mph, the turbine was producing 20+
amps, we were all coated with a post apocolyptic white dust, but the
dome remained intact and strong.

Thanks for your well made product. It is easy to set up and break down
and amazingly small in its packaging.

Enclosed is a picture taken during the calm warm nights, wind turbine

You may use this letter openly on your website.


Ars Gratia Artis
(Art for Art's Sake)

Hi Eleanor


I just received the 18' dome floor.  DHL sure is fast!

We did get a chance to put it up last week, and we are thrilled!

Thanks again.


On Jun 3, 2007

Dawntree Studio is still here, years past our warranty expired.  As soon as I get a break in my work, I’ll order something bigger.  I’ve considered doing a hard structure, but I’m addicted to the light.

Thanks many times over- -Henry Mitchell

Hi Henry

Thanks for the update and photo. How many years have you had them up now? And remind me what state you are in. I know what you mean by the light (Great to work in; like being inside a frosted light bulb).


2003.    Greenville is in northwestern South Carolina, at the foot of the Blue Ridge.

May 29, 2007

I just wanted to send you some photographs...we used a 30' dome last year on an archaeological field project with kids. 

The site is a 1000 year old Fremont campsite located on Antelope Island State Park near Salt Lake City. 

The dome worked out great and survived a major wind storm where it actually flew for a mile......we set it up again and it survived the rest of the summer....we're using the same dome again this year for the project....great product...

Ron Rood
Utah Assistant State Archaeologist

April 26, 2007 11:03:29

Dear Eleanor,

I attach a foto of the dome in our experimental area. Please note that
the method was developed by Arnone and Obrist (I attach the abstract
of their paper).

"Shelter System's geodesic dome is employed in our research of co2
exchange in the Negev desert. The dome and its skin material prove
themself as very good research instruments, enabling exact
measurements at ecosystem level with a minimal disturbance to it" - is
it ok? My Tutor is Jose Gruenzweig, we collaborate with Jay Arnone and
Richard Jasoni from the DRI in Nevada.


Ophir Tal.

On Jan 30, 2007


I bought a 30' dome from you last year, and you built in a special door for me so that I could attach it to my large RV,
at least that's what I planned to do with it at burning man, but I didn't. We did get it up and it worked well.

However, getting the assembly started was not easy. We had to go down the street and eye-ball an standing dome.

Is there some direction you can give me on how to start the assembly process, getting the initial patterns right?

Also, FYI, it to 3 people working pretty damn hard to get the struts bent and inserted; there were a lot of times we were wishing the
tubes we a 1/2" shorter.

Thanks, Gary Gabrel,

Hi Gary

Good to hear back from you.

As to putting the 31'er up. It is best to start with the top center (should be marked) but you can start with other connectors near the top center. Work out from this clip one pole at a time walking around and around the covering. The poles will form squares except in a few places were there are triangles. A print showing the dome should help. It does take strength to put it up but with out the tension the dome would be weak. But it is a beast. I put one up by my self once, if you can believe it. It is easier the second time: the covering stretches out a bit and the poles take a slight set.

Would love to see a few photos of your dome set up.


Bob Gillis

Hi Gary.

Thanks for sending the great photos.

Bob Gillis

Here's the rest of the pictures I scanned for Bob.

Francie and I lived in these two domes over a winter on the side of
Mary's  peak in Oregon.  With a little camp stove, some straw for
insulation and rugs on the floor we were quite cozy in the fabric dome.
 The plastic one was the dog house/woodpile, storage area.

Yes you have permission to use these images on your website, but not to
resell them.


Thanks for the great photos. Thanks for all the trouble. Do you know
about what year they are from?

As a matter of fact I do. The ones from Aptos are dated March 1978.
Others are from a little later after we'd set our domes up, or gone
traveling with them.

As you can probably tell these are the fiberglas pole 16' great circle
designs with an earlier version of the clip. The fabric dome served us
well for many years, being put up in the back yard and various
adventures across the country. The picture with the trucks is from
Idaho somewhere.


Date: March 19, 2007


Hi Bob,

Thank you for getting back with us. The dome has been really wonderful, we
just love it. As I mentioned in our telephone conversation, we used the
grip clips around the third band of poles to clip in a marine tarp roof.
Our dropped ceiling was an effort to heat less ceiling space.

Our cave in would have resulted in just a bit of ice on our bed if the
ceiling had not been there. Instead the weight of the sleet and ice on the
tarped ceiling buckled the entire structure.

Here are some pics. The one during the sleet
storm. His efforts to keep digging the snow out helped release some of the

We look forward to getting it back up for the spring.



" ... if you build a man a fire, he will be warm for a day. But if you set
a man on fire, he will be warm for the rest of his life. "

On Jan 12, 2007


Hi Bob, 

I'm the happy owner of an 18' for three years. I've lived in it full time in California ( see photos from San Diego nspr ).

Your Dome is famous in San Diego !


Now I've moved to New Hampshire and I want to use it here...in the summers at least. 


Joel Heathcote

It's great here in Mexico.

Here's a couple photos of the tent on the beach. It was a big hit with the people in town.


I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise and a run on the beach.

Date: December 19, 2006

Subject: dome living

HI, I thought it might be time to write my testimonial of dome living.  Two summers ago I ordered two domes, one 20 ft the other 14.  The larger one we used for main living space the smaller one was my teenage sons bedroom.  They were great they stayed dry and held up to some big winds and lots and lots of heavy rain.  The larger one was a greenhouse version I had choosen because I knew I wouldn't be living in it forever and I wanted a greenhouse too.  IT was like being inside a waterfall in the heavy rain but not a bit of dampness enterred as long as we were sure to keep the doors secure.  I was wooried when I first saw the domes, I'll admit.  I had just spent a great deal of money on fine furnitur and I did not want to risk it in the elements. It is still in top condidtion and made dome living quite comfy.  Shades were an absolute necessity it was Very hot when the sun hit and quite cold when the sun went down, I recommend getting a heat source.  I also installed floors in both shelters it helped keep things clean and dust free.  There were some awesome things about dome living first of all every night I could hear the frogs singing in the pond nearby, secondly I woke up every morning to the sounds of birds singing.  A newt moved in with us and lived under the refridgerator, we only saw it once and thought it had gone back to the pond but when we moved the refridgerator it was living there.  Always tie down the dome!!!!  This past summer I used the greenhouse one as a green house and we forgot about the cross over lines when we set it up.  One day the big winds came and blew it right off the top of our mountain down into the gully at my neighbors.  The dome was not hurt even though it blew about a quarter mile away and landed squarely in a hawthorn bush.  I  was grateful it did not hit my neighbors new vehicles though.   ALWAYS tie down the dome.  We set the small one up at the local barter fair and low and behold we met another family of dome dwellers.  They told me they set theirs up on a nearby mountain and spent the sprng, summer, and fall in it quite nicely.  We have to much snow here for dome living in winter but I am hoping to travel next winter and set them up on the beach in so cal and mexico.  So happy dome dwelling to all.

Tanya Little

December 20, 2006
Dear Eleanor,

If I set the domes up this year I will email photos.  I don't have any photos from when we lived in them.  I have a picture of us at the fair with the dome behind but it is a regular picture not digital.  I would not hesitate for one minute to move back into the domes if we didn't get such heavy snowfall.  I have been seeing some nice tent wood stoves on ebay reasonably priced as well as vent free propane both would be great additions to dome living.  You guys should develop a dome shower house too.  Something with black material so it warms up, brrr those outdoor showes can be so cold.  Thanks we had a great time as dome dwellers and we still have great conversations about it.  I love that they are also being used for relief efforts, that is so important these days.  Take care and god bless.


Rick and I had a wonderful time working together to set up an 18 foot YurtDome on a beautiful piece of land in costal San Pancho Mexico.


It will be a storage and hang out place while we build a small palapa house and when building is complete, we plan on keeping it up for an extra room and a shelter for hanging out in on the beach.

It looks really beautiful up in the jungle, the ventilation is great and a sun shade or two will help on hot sunny days. 

On Sep 5, 2006

Hi Elanor,
Here she is on her maiden voyage will send you more when she is better dressed!  Hope all is good with you. We are very happy with her. Thank you.
Best wishes

Dear Jenny, 

Thank you so much for the photo and testimonial, may we have permission to use it on our website?
I am so glad that your dome is meeting your expectations, it looks great!  Have a wonderful week. 

Sincerely, Eleanor

Eleanor Gillis

Hi elanor
Yes of course you have our permission and we would be happy to recommend your domes to anyone.

Aug 25, 2006,

My company is working on systems to make biofuel from algae. We needed a large spherical dome to act as both greenhouse and reflector. It also had to be easy to assemble and transport.
From previous domes we had bought from you, we knew you could make what we needed.
It arrived and we assembled it in a hour. It performed as planned.
The tests were moving ahead until...... the tornado hit.
We will be calling you again soon.
Thank you.
Rudy Behrens

Hi Eleanor,

Here are some pictures of our european booth using your bubble dome. that is why we have just ordered the same product for the north american territory.   

Have a great day,

Simon Cote
Technical Support
Audio Plus Services

Hi Bob,
One of your wonderful shelters was at the National Association of Music Merchants show in Anaheim last week. 

Looked fantastic.  Was the FocalProfessional.com booth...and stood out very positively amongst all the rest. 

The guys there were surprised I knew all about it.  They said they had received lots of inquiries about it...and that they loved it because it went up and down so fast and had lots of surface area  to hook things on. 

Thought you would like to hear that.
The best to Bob...    Jim



We've had our watsu pool cover dome for about 3 years now, and it's been great.

Use photo
if you like,
please provide
a link to


On July 10, 2006

Good Morning Bob. Here are some pictures of the chapel. We had to cut about 15 inches off the bottom legs. Now we are thinking that we need to have a bottom ring and we need to seal up the door openings. Any advise?
Julie N. Rokke, AIA

Good morning to you also.

Your top looks good.

You can "clip" the doors closed by unclipping the side wall after removing the poles from the clip and then layering in the door over the side wall and clipping the two together.

You can add a bottom ring in one of two ways. Use 20' lengths of PVC class 200 to create a ring and tie this to the base clips; or tie connectors of 1.25" to your base clips and then add poles between the connectors to create the ring. The pole lengths will be slightly shorter then your long poles and the bottom door pole may be shorter still.

Robert: The chaplet is complete and the initial opening with all of the different chaplets happened on August 1st. The artist is now considering how to travel the chaplets around the state etc etc. We talked yesterday about maintenance and repair and I was thinking that perhaps we should have another fabric roof as a back-up. It would have to be modified because we cut off the structure you sent me etc etc. Is this something that you think you could do? What we did was cut the "legs" off 15 inches and then we took the grip clips apart to attach the door panels permanently and added a bottom ring to the structure. We also added an additional grip clip at the center of the fabric panels and attached it to the bottom ring ,just to pull it tighter to the roof structure. The spacing around the bottom was not equal, the window panels ended up being shorter so it didn't work out quite as well with the brackets so we ended up adding a wood trim ring around the top of the bracket to hide the ring.

On Sep 8, 2006

Bob: Sorry for the delayed response. I wanted to make sure the artist was okay with it. She is... so yes you may use the photos on your web site. It would be nice if you could identify the project as Roberts Street Chaplet Project. and list me as the architect. Thanks.
I think we'll try to order another roof structure, but it might wait a month or so.
Thank you again for all your help. The Chaplet has been up now for better than 6 weeks and has weather some nasty thunderstorms.

Julie N. Rokke

Thank you so very much for producing an excellent product! We recently purchased one of your 20' dome greenhouses and had it shipped to our land on an island in Southeast Alaska. This was our first trip to see our land after buying it (we could only stay a week this time), and since we knew it was a rainforest there (over 120 inches of rain per year) and our land is "raw" we knew we would need a shelter that was easy and fast to put up, and that would handle the extreme amounts of rain normal for the area.

For the week we were on the island we set up the dome
over our campsite to keep it dry and comfortable. You
can see from one of the photos that we put our tent
inside the dome. The only dampness we had inside was
from condensation inside the dome - when it rained the
rain hitting the outside of the dome would sometimes
knock loose some drops of condensation creating a few
"raindrops" inside the dome, but it really was a minor
amount and much better than being in the real rain.

Now that we have returned home we are having a builder
on the island construct a raised deck on our property
on top of which he will permanantly mount the dome -
when we go back next summer I'll send you some photos
of the dome mounted on the deck. For now the dome has
been taken back down (it is so incredibly easy to set
up and take down - Thank you!) until the deck is ready
for it.

The dome really made the difference in our trip to the
island this time, I don't think that having just about
any tent out in the open would work well in the
Alaskan rainforest - but with your dome overhead it
was as comfortable as camping in the backyard. None
of the local residents had ever seen such a thing and
were amazed at the superb design and how well it
worked, word got around fast and many of them came by
our camp just to see the dome. I think you've got a
huge untapped market in Southeast Alaska - the locals
were especially impressed when they found out the very
reasonable price.

We (and other island residents) will most likely be
ordering more domes from you in the future, so keep up
the good work!!!

Best Regards,
Roger DiPaolo

February 28, 2006

This little 10' Greenhouse we bought form you 8 years ago keeps lasting. I am very impressed. We live on the wettest part of the whole island and anything we want to keep dry we keep in it: our tools, fertilizers, etc.



January 31, 2006

Hi Bob-
Sorry for not doing this sooner. I was cleaning out my email box and found this message from you.
A picture of the dome at our field camp in Colorado is attached.  As you can see, the location is very exposed.  When it was put up, the crew were making bets as to how many days it would last.  Most felt the wind would take it out in fewer than 10 days.  60 days later, it was still standing despite some  intense storms with very high winds.  The ropes with bungees helped tremendously.  It would flex in the wind and pop right back into shape.  Twelve of us regularly ate our meals inside.  It was a wonderful shelter.  We'll see how it does next season.

We used 12 inch steel stakes for the guy lines.  In the rain, the dome worked flawlessly.  I don't have any close-ups of the the bungee-guy lines, but I spliced 24 inch sections of standard bungee cord into 20 ft lengths of nylon rope.  I have attached another photo of Bob Patten, a master flintknapper, doing a flintknapping demonstration inside the dome. 

Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology

On Apr 2, 2005

Hi Bob:
We're very interested in purchasing a dome or two.  I'm still
concerned about wind, but for many reasons, it seems like our best
option.  There are a number of comparably-priced rectangular
garage-type structures, but the major downsides are that they are very
heavy (800 to 1000 lbs, good for wind, but bad for moving around and
erecting) and the steel/aluminum bases of the frames are difficult to
set up on lumpy ground.  I like your idea of incorporating bungie into
the guy lines. That should help quite a bit.
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology

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