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Happy Customers (more)

If you are considering buying a Shelter Systems' portable, waterproof living or gardening structure, we think you'll find these letters and photographs informative as well as enjoyable. They were sent to us by satisfied people who've bought and used our structures for many varying purposes.

"This photo was taken on the road from Moron to the Dharhat Valley and Lake Hovsgol in northern Mongolia. The tent is used as a general dormitory for our Mongolian guides (who think it is really cool since it is lighter and easier to move and pack than a yurt and it allows them all to sleep in a big lump together, as they are used to doing. They are not so keen on our 4-person backpacking tents. Each to his own.). We also use it as a cooking/dining/meeting tent whenever the weather is bad. It packs on horseback pretty well. The big attraction of the tent for me is that it provides a level of security and comfort in remote regions when traveling with a large group. The difference between huddling under a tarp in the rain and being in the dome is all the difference in the world. In the event of emergency or prolonged bad weather we have a place to keep people safe and secure." -Kent, Boojum Expeditions, MT

Happy customers

Hi Bob. Here are a couple of shots from this summer when we used the tent on the first raft trip on the Chuluut river in Mongolia. Cheers.. Kent Madin -- Boojum Expeditions Uncommon Adventures


"I have been completely satisfied with the quality and appearance of our dome. So far it has handled the 20 inches of rain and wind storms very well. The dome is my year-round home. I have a bright, airy but warm home inexpensively. The tipi style doors are a 100% improvement over zippered doors. Living in the dome, one becomes intimate with the sun, clouds, and waning and waxing moon. I love it." -Paul Guree, CA

Inside dome

"The dome has performed well, has stood up to the elements and is quite the conversation piece. We grow a garden in a place noted for a very short growing season. It's been a product that more than lived up to our expectations."- Bob Woodward, OR

"I'm really happy with your design because the ability to cross-ventilate this dome is very important in the tropics. The use of different membrane panels is also a nice feature. My goal is to perfect this structure so that it will eventually be a self-reliant living system powered by solar panels." - Peter Ziegler, Hawaii Institute of Geophysics

"The LightHouse 18 makes for a wonderful portable classroom at our nature preserve. As soon as an area begins to show some wear and tear, we move the tent. It is truly living lightly on the land." -David Wicks, KY

"Just skied down from the high camp and the tent is great. It is a warm and cozy place in this storm we are having and we could not have included 15 kids and 4 adults without it."-Susan and David Beck, Sierra Ski Touring - Mammoth, CA

warming hut

"Our dome has been very useful. For eight years it has been doctor's office, guest house, and teenage crash pad." -Elsa Etchevery, CA

"We are very pleased with our Solar-Dome greenhouse. We have been able to get a head start on our vegetable garden, start perennials in mid-summer, save a lot on plant costs by purchasing seeds, and bringing into bloom any exotic plants requiring humidity higher than natural for our area." -Bernice Linchester, IL

"Dear folks, This is from Oklahoma. I spoke with you on the phone on Wednesday, ordering some new liners for our 18'ers and 20'ers. This will be our 3rd summer season with a Shelter Systems tent camp. So far, we have nine tents, a mixture of 20'ers, 18'ers, 14'ers, 8'ers, living & greenhouse tents. Even our seven cats have their own tent! Thursday, the day after we called you for the liners, we had a storm come through. We'd set up several tents, but had not staked all of them down. Okay, that was stupid, but it did have amusing results. Three of the tents took off rolling, one making it through a grove of trees, over a low concrete wall and out across the south pasture. There was a little tearing of this three-year-old tent at one junction (actually, that may have already been there), and one pole fell out. We picked it up, moved it back to the site, and (finally) staked it down well. Of all three tumbling tents, one lost a pole, and another had a window pole snap. Can't help admiring how durable these things are. They even stand up to our sins of omission in properly tying them down!"

dome in the snow

"Enclosed are some slides of my old 'Freedome' which I lived in for 4 years (2 in New Hampshire and 2 in Alaska). With the double-walled design and a little wood stove, it was a 'God-send' of a living situation for me. Allowing me to live 'cheaply' anywhere. Thank you so much. It was a 'threshold' period of my life and enabled me to affordably explore new places, opportunities and lifescapes. I currently use my Light House as summertime living quarters while building log cabins for clients in remote parts of the state. I think that in summertime the LightHouse is a nicer alternative to the traditional Alaskan wall tent, being roomier, lighter and less prone to mildew. If the Sourdoughs' had Domes , they would have used them!"

Globe dome

"We used a full sphere 10' Bubble dome as a 'earth container' for a recycling program on Earth Day."

"Dear Bob, Thank you very much for the prompt service. So far I am very pleased with my greenhouse. I had carrots germinating in 90 days - a record for my Alaskan garden." -Pat Kegel , AK

"It's a wonderful space, playing tricks with a mystical light and always letting in the full sound of the wind in the trees and the babbling brook. If I ever have to move, it will be easy to take my dome with me. I think it's way cool." -Tom Zajac , CA

"...We recently had a freeze with a low of 22°. The plants in the greenhouse had minimal frost damage; plants outside were lost. I was impressed with the performance of the greenhouse this winter." John White, Dept of Horticulture, Penn. State

Dome by the water

"We used 14 of your domes at the San Ignacio Whale Watch Base Camp. They are truly extraordinary and were instrumental in providing the high degree of comfort and protection we needed. We had some very strong winds and heavy rain and the tents performed flawlessly. For strength, size, cost and aesthetics, your tents are ideal." - Kent Maden, Baja Expeditions, MT

Group Camp domes

"Greetings from New Mexico. We are the folks that bought two of your 18' domes. We took them on the road - traveling 2,000 miles with 16 kids - exploring Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, The Grand Canyon, and Hopi. Our experience with the domes on the road was quite marvelous. Kids (ages 11-14) learned how to put them up (often with impending storms) and we loved the cooperative effort that took over our shelter lives. They also faired very well with the rains. We have used lots of different shelters over our nine years of camping with groups and were very impressed. We came back after two weeks traveling feeling quite endeared of our two domes. Thanks." -John M. Leod , Our Children's Earth, NM.

Setting up a dome

"We own a sea kayaking and whale watching expedition business in Mexico and have found your domes to be a great asset when the Baja weather goes bad. Your domes have held up against strong winds and rain and provided a sanctuary for cooking, sleeping, socializing and even dancing to the cumbia music of our 'Pirates of the Gulf' Baja beach band. Thanks!" - Mary Harter & Ricardo Amador, Mar y Aventuras, Mexico

More Happy Customers' Photos and Letters.


1 1/2-YEAR GUARANTEE. If for any reason you're not completely pleased with your purchase, return it in original, dry and clean condition within 30 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange as you wish. All items in this catalog have a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 1/2 years. Should any product prove defective we will repair or replace it at no cost to you. Special Orders are not returnable. Read Snow and Wind Warnings.

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