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GripClip Light Fabric & Micro Black Light Fabric (1 3/8") is tough and small. Use for thin nylon tarps and fabric. Weight .2 oz, White Micro Grip Clip (1 1/8") ultra light Weight .085 oz

GripClip General Purpose General Purpose (2 3/8") Grip Clip is versatile and strong. Use in every day situations, normal tarps plastic coverings, and the woven films that we sell. Weight .5 oz

GripClip Heavy Duty Heavy-Duty (3 5/8") Grip Clip is rugged and tough. Use in severe weather, for extra strength or on large or thick tarps. Weight 1 oz

GripLCip Pro Grip Clip Pro (2 3/8") Instantly attaches tarps to roofs, buildings, frame works, poles, plywood etc. Join and or shingle tarps to protect large enclosures from water damage. Weight .8 oz

GripClip Assortment
GripClip Micro 4
GripClip Light Fabric 4
GripClip General Purpose 4
GripClip Heavy Duty 3
GripClip Pro 4
GripClip Light Fabric 20
GripClip General Purpose 20
GripClip Heavy Duty 10
GripClip Pro 18 pack
GripClip Light Fabric 100
GripClip General Purpose 100
GripClip Heavy Duty100
GripClip Pro 100
GripClip Cord

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