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Comparing Sizes of Yurts, Tents and Domes 1-Photos, 2-Photos

10' Dome          poles 10 lb cover 13 lb

The 10' is the top of the BubbleDome 10:



The 14' is the photo with the woman sitting in the door way.

18' Yurt Dome in Alaska



The 18' can be seen to the left and on the set up page.


20' Yurt Dome


The 20' is shown to the right with flags.




30' Yurt Dome


The 30' is photographed to the left with the with three people and on its own page.



Domes in desert

There are two 11' to the right.

Note that the 11' Yurt and 8' Yurt are constructed using a different geometric shape that has less panels and only one door.


Gro-Dome 8 in use


See the 8' to the left

(Note that this 8' would be made out of white not clear).

The 14, 18, or 20' Yurts each have four doors and 4 windows. The 8 Yurt and 11 Yurt have one door and do not have any windows.



You get a lot more volume for your money as you go up in diameter. When you step inside the 18' yurt after being in the 14' yurt, the 18' feels twice as big. The 20' yurt feels twice the size of the 18' yurt. This is because the extra feet in diameter extends out in all directions (including up) creating a large increase in volume. Since the surface area of the covering does not increase as rapidly as the volume, the larger domes are less expensive for the space you get. Our drawings effectively illustrate the different sizes we offer. 

Also see: Drawings Comparing Sizes other measurements.


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