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Accessories for Emergency Disaster Relief Yurt Dome

Portable Tent SheltersShelter Systems offers many accessories for its Emergency Disaster Relief Yurt Dome Portable Tent Shelters. These accessories include mosquito net doors, floors, liners, porches, tarp fasteners, poles, connectors, stakes, and sunshades.

All Prices are for Quantities of 10, 100, or 1,000; Shipping FOB Newark, NJ

Net Doors

Net doorUnder certain circumstances you may want mosquito net doors in addition to your fabric ones. These are easily installed and are generous enough in width and length to keep the bugs out without the need for breakable zippers. They even keeps out those micro-gnats you can't see. They come with 4 Grip Clips attached to allow them to installed into the shelters. Opening two to four doors across from each other results in pleasant cross ventilation. Specify which size shelter you are ordering them for.
Prices: $15.90, $15.00, $14.10


Some type of ground cover is preferred to keep dampness from coming up into your space. Shelter Systems' floors are made of a blue, tough, ripstop material. There is a good reason that our floors are not sewn in. We have eliminated a critical area for leaks: seams at ground level. Additionally, if you plan on storing your dome, the dirty floor can be rolled up separately so it will not smudge your walls. Twelve Light Fabric Grip Clips are provided to secure the floor to the inside of the shelter. Prices: 30'- $158, $140, $125; 20'- $66, $60, $54; 18'- $56, $51, $45; 14'- $42, $39, $35; 11'- $29, $27, $24

Tarp Floors™
Our Tarp Floors are made of a 10 x10 woven 3.2 oz woven ripstop material. They are 20' x20' and will be have to be cut or folded to fit inside the domes. These make good waterproof floors at a great price.
Prices: $25, $20, $16

Clips and Cords for Tarp Floors
These clips allow you to tie the floor to inside wall of the tent.
Prices: $3.70, $3.50, $3.00


Our porch is a 5 1/2' x 5 1/2' arched square. Porches can be attached in minutes to any of our domes. With a porch you can keep your door open in a warm rain. It gives you space to take off your raincoat or boots before going in. Wet gear can be hung underneath it. The porch covering is made out of our translucent greenhouse woven ripstop film for maximum light transmission. However if you wish, you can special order the porch in white for less light or in white with black for a shade porch. An excellent addition to your Dome.
Price: $32, $29, $25



SunShade 6' x 12'
Always try to locate your dome under the shelter of a shady tree. If this is not possible, consider getting one or more of our white/black sunshades. The white on the outside reflects the heat of the sun while the black on the inside blocks the sun and provides shade. The spacing between the SunShade and the dome allows air to flow and dissipate heat that is absorbed by the SunShade. The 6' by 12' Sun Shade comes with 4 General Purpose Grip Clips attached at the corners, plus attachment cords.
Price: $17, $16, $15

SunShade™ 8' x 20' An extra large SunShade, with 4 Heavy Duty Grip Clips attached at corners plus attachment cords, will help keep your dome cool if you cannot set it up in the shade.
Price: $38, $36, $ 34

Grip Clip™ Tarp Fasteners That which holds it all together. Make your own tarps, canopies, sunshades, and windscreens instantly The Amazing Grip Clipfrom any plastic sheeting or fabric. We designed these components for joining panels of material together and for attaching anchor lines, without perforating the sheeting. They "button" on quickly and securely, yet can be moved and reused. How the Grip Clip is applied You will find endless uses for them at home, in the garden, while camping, and at construction sites. Almost indestructible and at times indispensable, Grip Clips will help you create what you need. New Sizes!
Price: 100 Clips for $120, 1000 Clips for $1000 FOB Santa Cruz CA


A full liner will increase the winter comfort of your dome and reduse fuel consumption. A liner reduces heat loss from radiation, conduction and convection, and creates an ideal insulating dead air space of 2"-3". It also prevents condensation on the lower side walls which may occur in very cold situations. The full liner is constructed of a white fire-retardant ripstop film with translucent windows for a wonderfully bright and warm space. To install, you tie it in place at each intersection point on the inside of the dome, pulling it tight. Installation is simple and takes about one hour. The liner creates an effective, 2"-3" insulating air space. You can order a liner with your dome and install it right away, or decide to add one later.
Price: 30'- $924, $840, $750; 20'- $365, $330, $297 18'- $364, $323, $260 ; 14'- $258, $234, $211; 11'- $126, $114, $103

Repair Kit
Shelter Systems' tents are made of very tough materials. It is hard to poke a hole in them, nearly impossible to tear them. However, we do offer a complete repair kit that includes at least 4 square feet of each of the materials that we make the domes of (translucent, white, and white with black woven ripstop films, polyester canvas, and vinyl) and a tube of clear silicone rubber glue. This kit will allow you to repair almost any damage to your covering.
Price: $15

Entire panels can be replaced if extremely damaged. Specify the size of the panel and the dome.
Price: $30

We offer our PVC poles so that repairs or replacements can be make in the field. Rather than replacing a broken pole, it could be repaired by joining the broken pieces by inserting a section of wood. Or the entire PVC pole could be replaced with a branch or bamboo.
Price: $2 each. Please tell us which size Shelter poles you want. Stakes

Shelter Systems' Tri Hubs. These are used in our 8 'and 11' Domes.
Price: $4 each.

Shelter Systems' connectors come in pairs. They are used in our 10', 14', 18', and 20' Domes.
Price: $3 per pair. Please tell us which size shelter you want them for.

A complete set of stakes are included with each of Shelter Systems' shelters; however we offer stakes for replacements or extra guylines.They are made of high-impact styrene plastic by Durapag and are 12" long and have excellent holding power in most soils.
Price: $1 each.

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