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Bamboo Dome:

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Here are photos of the substitute bamboo poles we have made for the 14' and the 18' and 20' domes. The diameter of these bamboo poles fit into 1" thin wall PVC connectors (note that the standard PVC connectors for the 18' and 20' are made of 1 1/4" thin wall (class 200) PVC.

The ends and multiple points through out the length of the poles need to be joined with tape (see our online manual for an example of a sun-durable tape) or black zip ties. The pole ends should be wraped twice with tape with the end folded over to prevent the individual poles from thrusting out past the clip cords.

The bamboo poles be the same length and should have approximately the same stiffness as the PVC poles they are replacing. The bamboo should be seasoned and of high quality.

All domes: Customers should knot "stake loops" of our standard GC cords (these cords are provided with your dome) to each of the cords that the dome base cords (that would be 12 for the 14', 18' & 20' and 20 cords to the 30' base clip cords). We tell in the manual about doing this but few people bother and with tying these loops. Without these loops it is hard to drive the stakes deep and it is easy for the dome in its wind vibrations to unhook itself from the stakes.

Here is an addional drawing of how to tie the loops on the base clip cords. This knot should be pulled tight and the cord tails should be about 3/4" . The domes stakes will depend on this cord to hold. So make this knot strong and tight.

Shelter Frame Kit for $75 non-refundable. You need to supply poles, 24' by 24' tarp, PVC, stakes, tape and cord. Kit comes with institutions and Grip Clips needed to make the Shelter Frame.

Tools needed tape measure, marking pen, hacksaw and hammer.


New Grip Clip Pro tarp fastener

Attach tarps directly to roofs, walls, scaffolding, structures etc. Photos in use.

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The TV show 24 used our 30' Yurt Dome as part of their set


More Shows using our domes, tents and yurts.

Sierra Designs' Shelter Systems' designed backpacking tent.

ShelterFirst™ Emergency and Disaster Relief Tent Shelter


Family Size   High Strength   Low Cost   Portable Package   Up in 15 Minutes!

Family Sized: ShelterFirst emergency and disaster relief tent shelter has a roomy floor area of 255 square feet and covers 16' x 16' area with a height of 7'4". It has four doors for good ventilation. The door covers can be pulled out to create a porch over the door openings. The doors tie closed, there are no zippers to fumble with or break. The interior can be divided with fabric to create private areas. Since the covering is not punctured or cut in the manufacture of the tent it can not leak! Vents can be created where side walls hit the ground for extra ventilation in hot weather. The covering's white color reflects the sun's heat during the day and makes for a pleasingly bright interior during the night. ShelterFirst tents are light filled and well ventilated. The cover of the tent is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

More about ShelterFirst Tents

ShelterFirst ™ Tarp Tent Shelter Kit $150 Shipping $10
Includes all Grip Clips™, Clip Cords and plans needed make your own ShelterFirst ™ Tarp Tent Shelter. You will need to provide a tarp at least 24' by 24' (smaller shelters can be made using smaller tarps) stakes (we offer Stakes also) and poles (poles can be of 1.5" PVC, 2" x 2" lumber, 1" bamboo or branches. Tools needed: Saw, marking pen and hammer.

Free Standing BoxTents ™

Strange but true; Free Standing BoxTents ™ developed for use in studying gas exchange experiments between plants and there environment.

Cutting Edge Tent Design

At Shelter Systems, we are always thinking about new designs and applications for portable structures and shelters. We'd like to share with you our new structures, domes and tents which Shelter Systems is offering and related design ideas and patents.

New Tent Technology Products and Patents: Shelter Systems' has a number of new tent technology products and patents.

Shelter Systems' domes were used in a Star Trek episode:

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Extra Strong Yurt Domes

We have developed Extra Strong version of our Yurt Dome that has extra strong translucent skylight windows instead of the clear vinyl windows. These skylights let in more light than glass and can not crack or stretch like the clear vinyl. If you are interested in this version of the our Yurts and Domes let us know when you order that you would like Special Extra Strong


Our most recent Email Questions and Answers

Divide Your Yurt Dome into Rooms Shelter Systems Yurts and Domes can be easily divided into rooms with fabric you provide or some of the same Woven Ripstop Material that Shelter Systems' makes it Yurts and Domes out of.

Also see our On-line Manual for our Domes and Tents

Make your own tensegrity models.

Above is an improved method of constructing The 4 Hr Grip Clip Kayak

Attaching Micro Grip Clips to Ultra Light Weight Silicon Coated Nylon Tarps (Sil Cloth) to Make Tents: Grip Clips will allow you to create tents out of 1.1 oz ultra light weight silicon coated nylon fabric without sewing or punching holes in the fabric and without tools. Thus you can make adjustments to your tarp tent in the field by moving the Grip Clips around just where you need them.

Origami Dome Entity: An Amazing Folding Tensegrity dome shelter of rigid panels that folds flat when not needed! When made as a Folding Tent with poles on the edges it folds into a tight bundle. Make one of cardboard.

Folding Geodesic Yurt Domes

Flextent™ foldable tent structures. These structures are exceptionally strong and unfold in 5 minutes for a fast setup. They also have a steeply peaked roof that allows for snow to slide off easily.

Demo Domes:

We sometimes have a small number of "nearly new" domes that are discounted 10% to 20%. If you are interested, call us.

1 1/2-YEAR GUARANTEE. If for any reason you're not completely pleased with your purchase, return it in original, dry and clean condition within 30 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange as you wish. All items in this catalog have a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 1/2 years. Should any product prove defective we will repair or replace it at no cost to you. Special Orders are not returnable. Read Snow and Wind Warnings.

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