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Portable Greenhouses: The GroDome

Shelter Systems' GroDome™ greenhouses provide controlled growing conditions your plants, vegetables, and flowers. GroDome greenhouses are lightweight, freestanding, and portable, so you can easily move them around your garden to improve the growing environment of different plants in different seasons. GroDome greenhouses are easy to assemble and disassemble- no tools are needed and they can be put up in 30 minute. You can use the portable GroDome greenhouse only when needed and move or take them down when not needed thereby freeing up more growing space. You will have plenty of room to work, store tools, build flats, hang potted plants, and care for mature plants in your GroDome greenhouse. Shelter Systems' greenhouses will shelter your plants from cold, rain, wind, frost, and birds. Your plants will thrive in your GroDome greenhouses!

grodome portable greenhouse
grodome portable greenhouse
grodome portable greenhouse grodome portable greenhouse

Hi Bob,
During the winter I find that with the outside temperatures in the 30's it get's over 80º inside the Dome. At about 3PM I start stoking the Chofu heater and by 6:30PM the Stock tank is about 120º. This keeps the temperature inside the dome no less than 40º when the evening temps drop down to below freezing. Even into the teens the inside of the dome stays above freezing which is why we have a Lemon Tree, a Lime Tree, a Curry plant (like a tree really) and our Aloe plant and they never die off due to the cold. We grow tomatoes, spinach, Curry, Lime, Lemon, Datil peppers, Habanero's, Thai peppers, Caribbean Reds and Serrano's year around. Love our Gro-dome, thanks Bob and thanks as well to Eleanore's great customer service.
See the full testimonial here

Useful All Year

GroDome™ greenhouses are portable, so it has many seasonal uses. In spring you can place the greenhouse in your yard where it will collect the most sun and heat for your seedlings. In the spring you can set the GroDome greenhouse over soil to warm it and plant right in the ground. At the same time, you can use the GroDome greenhouse as a traditional greenhouse to start seedlings in flats. Then you can move the greenhouse and warm the soil somewhere else in your garden and plant directly in the soil. In regions not hot enough to grow certain crops like melons, you can use the greenhouse to create the heat required to grow hot plants that require a hot summer. In fall you can set the GroDome greenhouse over tomatoes and peppers to prolong the harvest. In winter, you can put the greenhouse over a cactus garden to keep the rain off or put it over a fig tree or other cold-sensitive plants.

Shelter Systems' GroDome Greenhouses come in a range of sizes and in two geometries to suit your needs. Our 10', 14', 18', 20', 30', and 31' GroDomes are dome shaped (the 20' GroDome is shown below left). Our 8' and 11' have a different shape and large door (the 11' GroDome is shown below to the right).

Gro-Dome Gro Dome 11
GroDome 20'
GroDome 11'

The GroDome uses a patented Geotensic structure and fasteners that make it possible for us to construct a greenhouse that is extremely strong for its weight and one that uses less material than other greenhouses. It is lightweight so its fairly inexpensive for us to UPS it to you. Shelter Systems' greenhouses are easy to take it down when you do not need them, say in the heat of the summer or the dark of the winter. Storing your greenhouse will both create more room in your garden to grow things and prolong the life of your greenhouse. Since you can move your greenhouse to different places in your garden you will not have the expense or trouble of replacing the soil in your greenhouse to avoid pathogens that will otherwise collect in soil after a few years. Your GroDome greenhouse will quickly repay its initial cost in the increased choice, quality and quantity of the plants you can grow

greenhouse grodome

The homemade greenhouse is a big success- better than I imagined. The roof line looks good and the roof sheds water but things are watertight inside. All 4 of the greenhouses are up for the winter and protecting plants. In them we mainly have citrus and bougainvilliae in the sun and ferns in the 11 foot Grodome which is in the shade. I am very pleased with your products, innovation, and customer service. See the full testimonial here

Shelter Systems GroDomes are free standing and made of lightweight materials, allowing you to pick up and move around your GroDome to where needed in your garden. The smaller GroDomes weigh as little as 20 pounds and can easily be moved by one person.

14' GroDome

Sturdy Design
The GroDome's covering is made of Shelter Systems' superstrong, woven, translucent, ripstop greenhouse film, which lets 90% of the sunlight through (more than glass does). Our greenhouse cover was specifically designed for greenhouse use. It is treated with ultraviolet inhibitors, which protect it against sun exposure, and will last years of continuous use even the sunniest parts of the country. The greenhouse covering will not rot or mildew. The greenhouse's frame is constructed of strong, long-lasting PVC tubing. Patented Grip Clips join the GroDome's cover to the frame, providing greater strength than sewn seams or any type of grommet, because they do not puncture the cover. Each panel of the greenhouse is shingled over the next so that the greenhouse breathes, yet is completely leakproof! Shelter Systems' greenhouses are made from all the same high quality components that we use to manufacture our other shelters and tents.

Easy Set Up
The 8', 11', 10', 14', 18' and 20' GroDomes can be set up by most people in Up In 30 Minutes without tools. Insert the interchangeable poles into factory-attached connectors spaced evenly over the cover. The poles bend slightly when inserted, tightening the cover into a wind- and waterproof dynamic greenhouse. The cover is freestanding so you can turn or move the greenhouse into any desired position.
If your GroDome greenhouse is not being used, just take out the poles, roll up the greenhouse, and store it in a closet or on a shelf.

grodome greenhouse

I am sending a few pictures I took this morning. We had a heavy frost last night so the yard was covered with frost. Chiron had slept inside the garage last night, this morning I was looking all around for him and found him in the Gro-Dome! He got in even though the door was hooked. It was nice and warm and is in the part of the yard where the sun hits first in the morning, it was a warmer spot than the garage. So I opened it up and got pictures of him taking a nap. thanks for everything! See the full testimonial here

This is the 11' GroDome

Light and Fresh Air
The GroDome 10', 14', 18', 20', and 31' greenhouses each have four flap doors evenly spaced around the dome, The 30' has 8 doors, and the 8' and 11' have one door. The door coverings close automatically so you can go in or out quickly. There are no zippers to fumble with or break. For maximum ventilation the walls themselves can be rolled up (see more about the open arch form here). There is always plenty of light and fresh air in your GroDome greenhouse.

A Shelter System
Each GroDome greenhouse comes with poles, stakes, guy lines, vent tubes, a detailed Instruction Manual and Shelter Systems Gardening Manual. Shelter Systems offers accessories to enhance functionality, including Net Doors, Porches, Liners, etc.

Gro-Dome 8 in use GroDome 11
GroDome™8 - transparent fabric is used here to show interior. Actual GroDome fabric used is show on image to the right
GroDome 11

Other Uses
Your GroDome greenhouse has many uses in and out of the garden. With your GroDome greenhouse you will have plenty of room to work, store tools, build flats, hang potted plants, and care for mature plants. Since your greenhouse will not leak you can use your greenhouse as a shed to keep tools and equipment dry. You can use it to store mulch, potting soil and fertilizers.

Be sure to look at our other garden products, including our Bubble Dome™ Greenhouses which are taller forms of our GroDomes, our Solar Shed™: Compact Greenhouse, and our pond covers.

solar shed portable grenhouse pond cover
Solar Shed™ Greenhouse

Prices and sizes
You get a lot more volume for your money as you go up in diameter. When you step inside the 18' GroDome after being in the 14', the 18' feels twice as big. The 20' feels twice the size of the 18'. This is because the extra feet in diameter extends out in all directions (including up) creating a large increase in volume. Since the surface area of the covering does not increase as rapidly as the volume, the larger GroDomes are less expensive for the space you get. Our Drawings effectively illustrate the different sizes we offer.

height at max.
floor size
8' GroDome
8 ft.
6 ft. 4 in.
50 sq. ft.
20 lb.
11' GroDome
11 ft.
7 ft. 4 in.
95 sq. ft.
20 lb.
10' GroDome
10 ft.
5 ft.
75 sq. ft.
21 lb.
14' GroDome
14 ft.
7 ft.
154 sq. ft.
40 lb.
18' GroDome
18 ft,
9 ft.
254 sq. ft.
60 lb.
20' GroDome
20 ft.
10 ft.
314 sq. ft.
70 lb.
30' GroDome
30 ft.
11 ft.
706 sq. ft.
190 lb.
31' GroDome
31 ft.
16 ft.
754 sq. ft.
270 lb.

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Happy Customers tell about their experiences with Shelter Systems' domes on our Testimonials Page
"I've had my GroDome 8' for close to 10 years and it's really held up nicely in the blazing colorado sun, and i've been able to lengthen my growing season and grow things that previously i hadn't been able to grow, like little melons. things are able to be grow really well inside. It's really versatile and i'm able to move it around depending on soil qualities. i can move it and rotate it very easily. it's been really fun and easy and a lot of help in our short growing season. We're at about a mile high in elevation here in Colorado, and so our normal growing season is really short, so with the GroDome, I'm able to start a good month early, and grow even a few months later in the fall than normal, essentially doubling my growing season" See the full testimonial here
grodome portable greenhouse grodome portable greenhouse

1 1/2-YEAR GUARANTEE. If for any reason you're not completely pleased with your purchase, return it in original, dry and clean condition within 30 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange as you wish. All items in this catalog have a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 1/2 years. Should any product prove defective we will repair or replace it at no cost to you. Special Orders are not returnable. Read Snow and Wind Warnings.

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