Make your own ultra light weight backpacking tarp tent using Light Fabric Grip Clips.


First cut your silcloth into the size of the tent you. One standard size is 5' by 8'. Another standard size is 8' by 10' which you can make by sewing (use cotton covered polyester thread) two 8' by 5' sections together. Use 100% silicone glue to seal sewn seam. Many other shapes are possible (make a modal using paper). Grip Clips will allow you to create tents out of 1.1 oz ultra light weight silicon coated nylon fabric without sewing or punching holes in the fabric and without tools. You can make adjustments to your tarp tent in the field by moving the Grip Clips to just where you need them.


Attach Light Fabric Grip Clips using sections of balloon as "gripping" gaskets (See below). Attach four clips spaced equally along each side and one in the middle.


Photo 1 shows how two balloon gaskets are sandwiched with the silcloth in the middle and the LF GC on the outside. Photo 2 shows the clip with the gaskets cut from a balloon.


Photo 3 shows the male part of the GC wrapped with a balloon gasket. Photo 4 shows the balloon wrapped male wrapped with the silcloth.


Photo 5 show the second gasket wrapped over the silcloth. Now slip this small end first through the female part of the Grip Clip. Photo 6 shows how the gripped silcloth looks from below.


Photo 7 shows how the Grip Clipped silcloth looks from the top. Photo 8 shows how balloons are cut.


When attaching Micro Grip Clips to Ultra Light Weight Silicon Coated Nylon (Silcloth) Tarps to Make Tents you should be able to get by with one balloon gasket.

We recommend using our Light Fabric or Micro Grip Clips for use with the 1.1 oz nylon.

Add Four Light-Fabric to Cart

Add Four Micro to Cart

For Larger Quantities


Shelter Systems offers the Silcloth TarpTent Kit above which is 5' by 8' with 9 Micro Grip Clips, cord and stakes. The first four photos on this page were made from this Kit.

To Clip Netting to Your Tarp Tent:
Just clip in the netting with the tarp. You will want the netting to b shingled Under your tarp. To seal the net keep tarp under tension or roll the net with the tarp before you clip.