Thousands of Uses

With Grip Clips tarp fasteners you can transform tarps and fabric into hundreds of useful items. And you can use Grip Clips tarp fasteners in hundreds of situations....The possibilities are endless!

• Photo studio light box
• Hold down boat tarps
Bike and storage sheds
• Attaching sand box cover
Car covers
• Big tarp over motor home
• Create shade porch
• Join fabric in quilts
Creat a custome truck bed cover
• Door to Quonset hut
Hang out wash cloths
Securing sheets
• Tree and truck tarps
• Make rain clothing
• Attaching a net on bag
Cover your motorcycle
• Patch sun shade and floor
• Securing canvas to metal dome
Make leaf bags
• Hang side Shades for BM
• 12' by 12' nylon canopy tarp tent
• Attaching cover to Boat with Pro
• Covering a geodisic dome frame
• Hold long underwear to thumb
Hanging mosquito netting over bed
Attach keys to clothing
• Tell light block
• Tarp tents for boy scout troupe
Construct a wading pool
• Towel holders
• Create a shade porch south
• Camping
Hang dish towels
• Scaffolding attach tarps brick laying Pro
• Small greenhouse
Join tarps
• Joining quilt fabric to frame
Mend damaged tarps
• Hold down towels on beach
• Clamp tarps to conduit construction shed
Make a hammock
Hold a tablecloth to windy picnic table
• Keep paint spray off house
• Create and secure projection screens
• Make tarp shelters & tents for research
• Attach removable screening on porches
• Holding up the sleeves of your shirt

Fix a leaky roof
• Hang wash cloths
Car seat covers
• Tarps, poncho, tarp guy out
• Clip 2 tarps together
Make a kayak
• Attach webbing handles to tarps
• Tarping Scaffolding for masonry work
Attach keys to a backpack
• Use on down comforter to hold in place
• Tunnel of 6 mill poly
Keep firewood dry
• Party entertainment kids game room
• Burning Man camping
• Archeologist dig camp tarp tents, shades
Make a survival shelter
• Temporary shelter tree house
• Ultra light Camping
• Covering a greenhouse
• Cover for music band stand
Hang curtains
• Attach tarp to dome frame
• Attaching Screens to walls, Pro
Make and hang shower curtains
• Sili cloth tarp tent
• Tarp structures
Make your own greenhouses
• Shingle tapes over steel frame
• Bed sheet car cover, mover cover
• Rescue for RVA Fire fighting shelter
Fix "blown" tarp grommets
• Hold sheets from sliding
• Shingling tarps and attaching tarps
• Attaching tarps to canopies frame
Make window awnings and shades
• Pulling tarps tight
Tying down tents
• Attaching Leaf Nets keep leaves out or off
• Make garden canopies
• Make low-cost skylights (Pro)
• Make a porch roof (Pro)
• Secure to make dividers in labs
• Create hazardous material enclosures
Hanging bottle weights with Grip Clips
•Use Grip Clip Pro to attach banners
• Set up tarps at wilderness base camps
• Construct tarps for archeological digs
• Dust free spray paint tarp booths
• Tarps block light & wind for telescopes
• Make modifiable tarp tents
• Create covers for excavations
• Make dust blocking tarp covers
• Use Pro to insolate windows & walls
• Create solar collecting enclosures
• Make quick sheds
• Create covers for remediation
• Grip Clip umbrellas
• Protect animals from fowl weather
• Chicken coop shelters
• Attaching a tarp ridge
• Hang towels
• Shingling tarps to be rain proof
• For quick theater set design
• Use of Pro to attach detachable curtains
• Make sets for movies
• Create temporary shop space
• Shade Clips - to make & unmake shade
• Pool cover attachment using Pro
• Disaster relief tarp shelters
• Make rain gutters
• Woodpile covers (Pro)
• Temporary tarp doors (Pro)
• Hot tub cover hold-downs (Pro & GC)
• Create lean-tos
• Cover wood frame domes with tarps
• Cover steel frame domes with tarps
• Cover yurts with tarps (Pro & GC)
• Cargo tarp covers shape secure join
• Make inner tarp roof in leaking barns
• Make office cubicles
• Make free range chicken shelter
• Secure tarps to protect construction
• Secure tarps to protect retrofit work
• Make & secure covers for radar dishs

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