The uses for the Grip Clip, tarp and fabric fastener, around the house and yard are endless. In the house, you can use Grip Clips to hang shower curtains and living room curtains, to secure a bedsheet on a mattress, to hang mosquito netting over your bed. In the yard, you can use Grip Clips to join or mend tarps, to fix "blown" grommets, to create a simple lightweight storage shed, a leaf bag and hammock. Grip Clips are so versatile! And they won't puncture or tear fabric or "pop" off.

Covering a leaky roof

House Yard

Dish Towel or Washcloth Holder
Sheet Securing
Tool Shed
Shower Curtain Rings
Netting Cover for Bed
Attaching Items to a briefcase
Hanging a Bottle Weight
Emergency Preparedness

Mending tarps
Joining two tarps
Fixing "blown" grommets
Wood covering
Covering a leaky roof
Shade for windows
Wading Pool
Survival Shelter
Bike shed
Yard bag
Securing a tablecloth on a picnic table
Kid tents and huts