The Grip Clip tarp and tent fastener has many automotive uses. With Grip Clips and some tarp, you can create a waterproof, windproof cover for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat or RV. Grip Clips won't puncture or tear tarps and won't "pop" off. Grip Clips are quick and easy to install.

Since the Grip Clip vehicle cover is formfitted by you to fit your car truck or RV with Grip Clips, it won't flap around as much in the wind and you won't have to anchor it. You can create a snug fit in several ways. Gather the tarp in various places around the entire base and secure each gather or fold with a Grip Clip. For a easy-to-remove cover, make the gathers less snug. And on one end of the car, attach a cord or bungee cord to 2 Grip Clips which are several feet apart. Cinch and knot the cord to get a secure fit. Just untie the cord to take off the car cover! Click on a link below to see some examples.

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