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Shade Comfort and Shelter at Burning Man

The best shade and comfort for Burning Man with one of our domes is obtained by combining our Black 80% Shade 12' by 16' or 20' x 20' Sun Shade with our standard white Yurt Dome. The Silver Aluminet Sunshades also work well when combined with Shelter Systems' domes. The reasons for these choices are: The woven 80% or Aluminet Sun Shades stretch to fit tight over the outside of the dome's frame, does not flap in the wind and provides excellent shade. The space under the frame allows air to flow and keep the shade and the dome cool. The porous nature of the shade lets air through it and also dissipates the heat it blocks. The best choice of covering for Burning Man is our standard white dome since this color reflects the heat of the sun the best. For extra comfort consider the attaching another shade to your dome and pull tight to your car's roof rack. This will provide you with an excellent shaded porch area between your dome and your car under-which you can hang out and watch the street action in comfort.

If over heating is likely a problem consider two or more SunShades. Arrange your Sun Shades such that they do not overlap each other completely. The airspace under the shades and the gaps between the shades will allow heat to be dissipated and escape rather than be radiated back into your dome.

Woven Black or Silver Sunshades
We also offer a woven sunshade in Black or Silver that fits the contours of the dome a better than our standard white/black and since it allows some of the wind through its weave handles wind better.

These shades block 80% and 70% respectively. They are both made with a loose weave material which allows for cooling air to flow through and rain can not puddle.



Black 80% Shade 12' x 16' $49 (with 10 snap grips)
Black 80% Shade 20' x 20' $112 (with 18 snap grips)

The Silver Aluminet Sunshade acts like a mirror to reflect unwanted sunlight and radiant heat. These come with snap grips.



Silver Aluninet 70% Shade 14' x 14' $105 Ship (with 10 snap grips)
Silver Aluninet 70% Shade 21' x 21' $220 Ship (with 18 snap grips)

More Shelter Systems' information on being Safe and Comfortable at Burning Man

1 1/2-YEAR GUARANTEE. If for any reason you're not completely pleased with your purchase, return it in original, dry and clean condition within 30 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange as you wish. All items in this catalog have a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 1/2 years. Should any product prove defective we will repair or replace it at no cost to you. Special Orders are not returnable. Read Snow and Wind Warnings.

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