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PlayaDome packages for use of your dome at Burning Man

There are some specific accessories we recommend for using your PlayaDome at Burning Man. These can all be purchased separately along with other accessories (see our Accessories page), but to make things simple for you, we do offer a PlayaDome Package. These kits include sticky-back Velcro, extra poles and Grip Clips, tape and a sunshade. How to best utilize these additions is described in our user manual.

All our domes are very strong and perform well at Burning Man, however due to specific geometries, some are stronger than others- these are the 10 foot, 18 foot, and 30 foot sizes. Since winds can be very strong on the playa, make sure to read our important Wind Warning.

Prices for PlayaDome Packages and what it included (See main PlayaDome page for pricing of Dome only):

PlayaDome Package
extra poles
extra Grip Clips
10' Package
10' Dome
8 yards
8 regular Grip Clips
one 12'x16' shade
14' Package
14' Dome
8 yards
8 regular Grip Clips
one 12'x16' shade
18' Package
18' Dome
8 yards
8 regular Grip Clips
one 12'x16' shade
20' Package
20' Dome
8 yards
8 regular Grip Clips
one 12'x16' shade
30' Package
30' Dome
8 yards
9 Heavy Duty Grip Clips
one 20'x20' shade
31' Package
31' Dome
8 yards
9 Heavy Duty Grip Clips
two 20'x20' shade

Other items
Included in each above package is 20 Yards of Translusant UV Stable Tape

Items you should consider adding to your shelter other items that you can get at Home Depot or your building supply store:

Tarp or Tarps large enough to be use as a floor inside the dome (used rugs are also a nice addition to a floor)
Longer Stakes incase the ground is loose (see our user manual)
Strong Bungee Cords if you decide to set guy lines.

Dealing with wind blown dust on the playa
(see our user manual for more tips and information)
Large 2" Dust Buster tm Binder Clips (to deal with dust or wind on the playa or just windy areas you can't have to many).

large binder clips
large binder clips

These can be very handy to secure shingling and on the sides and top of dome and to clamp tarp floors to dome's ground skirts. The best price we have found is on Amazon (search for Large 2" Binder Clips: They come in boxes of 12 - Large 2" Binder Clips made by ACCO #72100 Comes in a box of 12 for $5.29 from Amazon.

Use Scotch Heavy Duty All-Weather Duct Tape (regular duct tape does not hold up in the sun) available at many hardware stores can be used to seal up unused doors, floor to wall or shingling when in extreme dust conditions.
Apply tape to dome when it is clean and dry.
Use only one door for entering and exiting your dome, and seal your other doors with tape.
Attach sticky back Velcro on the door you use (apply when clean and dry - it takes about 24 hours for the glue on the Velcro to set). Consider using just one side of your door when conditions are windy.
Tuck your dome's skirt under your tarp floor and then tape your floor to your dome's skirt on the inside of your dome.
Weigh down your floor with all the objects you have (in high wind, wind will blow under your floor and lift it up shaking dust into the air. Seal the horizontal shingles with tape on the windward side of your dome and or any shingle that leaks dust.

Shelter Systems' Suggested Life Support ideas:
We suggest these items to help with what you might need on your trip to Burning Man. You can use this list to put together your own kit.

14 - 18" Stakes incase the ground is loose
Strong Bungee Cords if you decide to set guy lines.
Large Plastic Tub: to seal away cloths and other items away from the dust.
Smaller size plastic tub (for gear, etc)
Dust Masks: a must if you want to breath in a dust storm, you could wrap your head in a scarf
Goggles: a must if you want to see in a dust storm
Duct Tape: always handy (see heavy duty UV Duct Tape above)
Baby Wipes: to get dust off your hands, face etc with out taking a bath
Solar Shower:
Small Sledge Hammer: use for driving your shelters' stakes when setting up your dome
Rubber Gloves: if you use your hands the skin of your hands need protection against the caustic dust
Battery Powered Light: on for camp, one for bike (a must to protect you from collision
Extra Batteries
Plastic Bags: to keep things clean; dust will be every where
String, potential for lots of wind
Extra Grip Clips: handy for any thing dealing with tarps wind etc
glow sticks: extra bike and walking at night; with out which others on their bikes can run into you
shade cloth: keep your dome cool; make a shaded porch area from your dome to your car's roof rack
large heavy duty trash bags: to keep anything clean from dust
a small first aid kit, including:
Band-Aid (multiple size)
antibiotic ointment
aspirin or ibuprofen
ace bandage
any required prescriptions
ice chest
small camp cooking stove
can opener
tooth brush

food suggestions:
water, you can buy ice there
other drinks (soda or juice)
canned food is great (can leave on hood of car during the day and by sundown it
is piping hot and ready to eat, but make sure to bring can opener)
gatorade makes a powder to add to water--great when you really need to re-hydrate fast
string cheese
chips and other salty snacks (salt will help keep you well hydrated)
oranges (keep well and full of water)
single serving soy/rice milk cartons
couscous (cooks instantly- good with canned beans or pasta sauce)
beef jerky
dried nuts/fruit
chocolate (keep in cooler)
salt,pepper,spices to add to your food

1 1/2-YEAR GUARANTEE. If for any reason you're not completely pleased with your purchase, return it in original, dry and clean condition within 30 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange as you wish. All items in this catalog have a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 1/2 years. Should any product prove defective we will repair or replace it at no cost to you. Special Orders are not returnable. Read Snow and Wind Warnings.

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