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BikeShed Bicycle and Scooter Shed

Shelter Systems' BikeShed bicycle and scotter shed will keep your bikes dry and clean in all types of weather. The BikeShed bicycle shed sets up in 15 minutes and stores up to three bicycles at a time. If the weather is not too windy, you can leave one door end open so you can roll in your bike or scooter easily. You can bolt a large "eye" bolt to your wall to lock your bikes to. In windy wet weather you can hook the door closed. The BikeShed is free standing and lightweight which means you can easily move it around. Clips with cords are provided so you can attach your BikeShed to your fence or wall. The BikeShed can also be used as a greenhouse to start seedlings or to overwinter plants, store tools, or as a shed to dry firewood, etc.


Up in 15 minutes!
You will be surprised at how easy it is to assemble your BikeShed. Insert the interchangeable poles into factory-attached connectors spaced evenly over the cover. The poles bend slightly when inserted, tightening the cover into a wind- and waterproof shelter. The cover is freestanding, requiring no guy lines and can be moved into the desired position or location without disassembly. The BikeShed can be taken down in 5 minutes: just remove the poles and roll up the covering into a compact package that is easy to transport or store.

Durable materials
The Covering is made of wholly of a superstrong, tear-proof, white multilaminate woven ripstop film which will not rot or mildew. It is UV stabilized to withstand up to 3 years full sun exposure and treated with fire retardant. The fabric is a super strong, high tensile strength, rip-stop, completely waterproof, mildew resistant, and cannot be torn by hand even after it is cut. The white color of the covering reflects the heat of the sun and provides 40% shade. This US made, proprietary material is the finest material we could find to make our tents from.
The Poles are of high quality US made PVC that is admirable for its strength, resiliency, long life, natural UV stability for a long sun life, and its strength to weight and cost ratio. The poles we use are Class 200 PVC tubing.
Shelter Systems' Patented Grip Clips that we use to join the BikeShed's cover to its poles are molded of a UV stabilized resin blended specifically for it high strength and durability.

A Shelter System
Each BikeShed comes complete with two doors, stakes for anchoring to ground, eye screws for attaching to house or fence, a detailed BikeShed Instruction Manual.


BikeShed™ Bicycle Shelter 3'x5.5'x6' Tall $213

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